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Heartcatch Pretty Cure! episode 2 - Tree of Hearts

The Tree of Hearts seen in a flashback

The Tree of Hearts (こころの大樹 Kokoro no Taiju?) was a magical tree that connects to all Heart Flowers. If a Heart Flower wilted completely, it would weaken the Tree of Hearts. In epiosde 1 it was under grave danger, as all its flowers have fallen. According to Cure Moonlight, the reason the Tree of Hearts still was alive is because, as long as Pretty Cure exists, it will never die. The only way to restore the Tree was to collect Heart Seeds into the Heart Pot until it was all filled up. As the Pretty Cures collect Heart Seeds one at a time, the Tree was slowly getting better, to the point that it was capable of giving birth to a new baby fairy, Potpourri.HPC20

Unfortunately, Dune ruined all of he Cures' efforts of reviving the Tree by wilting it by himself. But after Dune's apparent passing, it begins to grow again in the form of a seedling thanks to the collected Heart Seeds.HPC49

It is never stated where the Tree of Hearts is, but it is seemingly in a flying island in the skies. It also appears above the Pretty Cure Palace.

The Tree of Heart has its own voice; it's voiced by the late Hiromi Tsuru.


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