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The Triple Dance Honey Baton (トリプルダンスハニーバトン Toripuru Dansu Hanī Baton?) is Cure Honey's main attack item in Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. It is first used, though not named, in episode 9.


The Triple Dance Honey Baton has three modes: Baton, Ribbon, and Maracas. It is a white stick with a gold border at the middle, allowing it to be split into the maracas. Its normal form, the baton is used frequently. At the top and bottom is a crystal attached to a gold heart base with tiny dots lining it. A gold, dark blue, and white bow rests beneath it.

In Ribbon mode, the top of the baton turns into a blue star and gains a glowing golden ribbon from the top.


With it, she can perform different attacks, depending on her form:

  • Sparkling Baton Attack: Primary finisher, performed with the Triple Dance Honey Baton in Baton Mode.
  • Honey Teleport: Allows her to teleport away from attacks.
  • Honey Ribbon Spiral: A secondary attack she uses in Ribbon Mode. She wraps the target in a yellow ribbon and can lift and slam it into the ground.
  • Honey Healing Rhythm: A secondary attack she uses in Maracas Mode. She shakes the maracas, which sends waves to the Cures to heal them. It can also heal individual wounds.
  • Ribbon Heart Explosion: Popcorn Cheer finisher, performed with the Triple Dance Honey Baton in Ribbon Mode.
  • Maracas Rhythm Spark: Coconuts Samba finisher, performed with the Triple Dance Honey Baton in Maracas Mode.
  • Honey Happiness Love Shower: She sings "La La La..." and it purifies the Choiarks.
  • Honey Stamp: A giant shining clover, she throws it to the Saiarks to attack them.
  • Honey Throw: The third attack, which she uses in Ribbon Mode.
  • Honey Crystal Song: She sings into the baton, which glows, and different colored notes surround her. Her voice is amplified and it purifies Choiarks.
  • Honey Super Sonic Spark
  • Honey Burning Dancing: A sub-attack in her Coconuts Samba form. She stomps her feet onto the ground very quickly to the point where the ground around her cracks and erupts into pillars of fire that lifts pieces of it into the air. She also shouts "Vamola Mucho!"
  • Honey Ribbon Heart Wall: A secondary attack in Ribbon Mode. She draws a heart with the ribbon, which creates a small barrier.

She can also use it as a microphone, which can purify Choiarks, even make a Saiark feel touched and restore other Cures' strength when she sings into it.


  • When performing Sparkling Baton Attack, Honey refers to it with the shortened name, "Honey Baton".
  • She can also be seen using it in the third New Stage movie.
  • Honey can be seen performing Crystal Song in the opening.


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