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This is a category listing episodes for Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Toropikare! Yaruki Zenkai! Kyua Samā!
"Tropica-Shine! Fully Motivated! Cure Summer!"
Chongire 2021-02-28
Natsuumi Manatsu is a first year middle school student who is moving to Aozora City to attend middle school in Spring after being born and raised on a small island all her life. However, when she moves to Aozora City, she meets the mermaid Laura, who says she is looking for the legendary warriors, Pretty Cure.
02 Manatsu to Rōra! Docchi no Daiji ga Ichiban Daiji?
"Manatsu and Laura! What Is More Important?"
Chongire 2021-03-07
Manatsu has started attending Aozora Middle School. Laura follows her in search of a new Pretty Cure candidate. However, the students of the school take notice of her!!
03 Jibun wo Shinjite! Kyūto Ippai! Kyua Kōraru!
"Believe In Yourself! Totes Adorbs! Cure Coral!"
Chongire 2021-03-14
Sango accidentally comes across Laura who was in the aquarium's pool. Lacking self confidence, Sango just goes with the flow of things. But when she is moved by Manatsu and Laura's honest words about this...
04 Hajikeru Kyua Papaiya! Kore ga Watashi no Monogatari!
"Cure Papaya Pops Out! This Is My Tale!"
Numeri 2021-03-21
Manatsu, Sango and Laura meet Ichinose Minori, a second year middle school student who knows a lot about the legends and stories surrounding mermaids. Because of past situations, Minori struggles to take a step forward. But then...
05 Senpai Sanjō! Moero! Kyua Furamingo!
"Here Comes Senpai! Burn! Cure Flamingo!"
Numeri 2021-03-28
Takizawa Asuka is a third year middle school student with a strong sense of justice. Manatsu and Laura ask her to become a Pretty Cure after she helped them...
06 Ima Hajimaru! Sono Na wa, Toropikaru Bu!
"Commencement! The Name: Tropical Club!"
- 2021-04-04
The girls have found an empty room and finally formed a club! First up, they got to figure out what their club does, however, their ideas keep getting rejected by the student council president... But then four graduates of Aozora Middle School arrive, looking for something they hid 10 years ago...
07 Yattekuru! Umi no Yōsei Kururun
"Here It Comes! Kururun The Sea Fairy"
Elda 2021-04-11
Manatsu and the rest of the Tropical Club are out running when they find Kururun, a sea fairy, washed up on the beach. It seems that Kururun has lost an important item for Laura, which was entrusted to her by the Queen of Grand Ocean...
08 Hajimete no Bukatsu! Obentō de Toropikacchae!
"Our First Club Activity! Tropica-Shining Lunch Boxes!"
Chongire 2021-04-18
The girls want to make lunch for their busy mothers. That's when Manatsu has an idea to have "making lunch boxes" as their first club activity. Everyone then decides to make a dish based on Kururun.
09 Meiku wa Mahō? Eiga de Toropikaru!
"Make-Up is Magic? Get Tropical With A Movie!"
Numeri 2021-04-25
Manatsu is excited to hear that a movie is being filmed at Aozora Middle School, and wants the Tropical Club to star as extras. But she then happens to come across one of the actresses who is struggling with her new role...
10 Yaruki Kasanete! Purikyua! Mikkusu Toropikaru!!
"Stack Up On Motivation! Pretty Cure! Mix Tropical!!"
Chongire 2021-05-02
With midterm exams approaching, Manatsu is having trouble studying even though her quiz results were really bad. Then, Manatsu's Motivation Power is stolen by the stronger Zenzen Yaraneeda...
11 Moriagare! Umibe no Sandoāto!
"Get Excited! Sand Art By The Beach!"
Numeri 2021-05-09
The Tropical Club decides to hold a sand art competition with the other clubs at Aozora Middle School. However, just as the sand arts are about to be finished, it starts to rain. Manatsu tries her best to protect everyone's work but...
12 Bosshū! Akua Potto wa Kōsoku Ihan!?
"Confiscated! The Aqua Pot Is Not Allowed!?"
Elda 2021-05-16
The Disciplinary Committee have been going to every club room to see if the rumor about a mermaid being at the school is true. When they suspect the Tropical Club of hiding something, Laura's Mermaid Aqua Pot is confiscated...
13 Dotabata Kōnai Hōsō! Hibike, Ningyo no Uta!
"A Slapstick School Broadcast! Echo, A Mermaid's Song!"
Chongire 2021-05-23
During the school's lunchtime broadcast, the topic of mermaids are discussed. But when Manatsu learns that the Broadcasting Club members are frustrated over no one listening to them, she comes up with a plan.
14 Omakase! Hoikuen de Toropika Sensei!
"Leave It To Us! Tropical Teachers At Preschool!"
Elda 2021-05-30
The Tropical Club is getting work experience at a preschool. Laura befriends Wataru, who is reading about bugs by himself. But when a Zenzen Yaraneeda appears, Wataru refuses to run away because he is too worried about a swallowtail butterfly's chrysalis...
15 Minori ga Rōra de, Rōra ga Minori!?
"Minori is Laura and Laura is Minori!?"
Chongire 2021-06-06
When Minori is suddenly sucked into the Mermaid Aqua Pot, Laura dives in to save her. But when they come out of the Mermaid Aqua Pot, they two girls quickly realize they have switched bodies! The duo are very confused but decide to enjoy a life they don't usually get to experience...
16 Majo no Wana! Torawareta Rōra!
"The Witch's Trap! Laura Has Been Captured!"
Chongire 2021-06-13
With Summer vacation approaching, the Tropical Club members have been getting to know each other better through their club activities. However, Laura has been acting rather strange lately. Manatsu and the others notice this and try to talk to her, but...
17 Ningyo no Kiseki! Henshin! Kyua Ramēru!
"A Mermaid's Miracle! Transform Into Cure La Mer!"
Manatsu and her friends are searching for Laura who was captured, when they come across a cruise ship that was turned into a Zenzen Yaraneeda. Meanwhile, Laura escapes the Witch's Mansion, and finds her friends on the cruise ship. That's when a miracle occurs and Laura transforms into Cure La Mer!
18 Aruku yo! Oyogu yo! Rōra no Hatsu Tōkō!
"I Can Walk! I Can Swim! Laura's First Day At School!"
19 Manatsu Panikku! Gakkō no Fushigi!
"Frightened Manatsu! The Seven Mysteries Of The School!"
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