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Trump King (キング トランプ Toranpu Kingu?) (or the King of Splendorious in the English dub Glitter Force Doki Doki) is the former ruler of Trump Kingdom and the true identity of Selfish King. He is the father of Princess Marie Ange, Madoka Aguri, and Regina.


His story was told when Aguri decided to share the truth about Trump Kingdom's invasion to Regina and the other Cures. The Trump King once lived happily with his wife at Trump Kingdom. The birth of his daughter brought him great happiness. Despite his wife's death, the King loved his daughter very much. When Marie Ange fell ill with an unknown disease, he went into despair. He decided to use the power of the Eternal Golden Crown to discover what could save her. But that decision came with a cost: the freedom of powerful dark energy. As a result, his body was possessed by this energy and he became Selfish King. Marie Ange tried to save her father, but it was too late. She used all the power of the Miracle Dragon Glaive and Selfish King was sealed inside a rock.episode 46

During the battle against the Pretty Cure, they discovered the King was still alive inside Selfish King's Psyche. He was released by Regina, Ai, and Cure Ace, and Selfish King was defeated. episode 47

When Bel consumed the remaining energy of Selfish King to become Proto-Selfish, the King fled with the others to a safe place. After Proto-Selfish was defeated, he was present when Marie Ange appeared a final time to say goodbye. episode 48

After that, the King passed his throne to Jonathan and is now residing at Oogai Town. He is seen the last time playing with Mana's grandfather. episode 49


  • His concept is based on the King of Clubs, meaning loyalty and good character.
  • He is likely the last king of Trump Kingdom before the kingdom is reestablished into a republic.


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