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Twin Love Guitar

Twin Love Guitar (ツインラブギター!?) is a device in HUGtto! Pretty Cure that Cure Macherie and Cure Amour use to perform their attacks. It first appeared in episode 22 along with two new Mirai Crystals when Cure Macherie and Cure Amour helped Papple to understand that she can still be loved.


A white guitar with a pattern of light pink bows and white gem hearts above the strings. The various knobs are light pink to accent the gem on top of the heart-shaped handle, and at the middle is a ruby gem heart with white ruffled fabric hanging from it. The lower portion is a magenta heart with music notes, gems, diamonds, circles, and hearts decorating the arched corners, along with a single, large white G-clef, which connects to a big purple gem heart at the bottom center, over another heart. The middle is pink with a stylized heart design drawn on it, surrounded by white pieces accent by hearts and dots. At the bottom of the string section is a light purple ribbon surrounding a gold diamond attached to frilly white pieces of fabric.


In addition to their individual attacks Cure Macherie and Cure Amour can also use their Twin Love Guitars together for a group attack known as Twin Love Rock Beat.

Macherie Bazooka

The Macherie Bazooka (マシェリ バズーカ Masheri Bazūka) is Cure Macherie's weapon. With it, she's able to perform Macherie Poppin'.

Amour Arrow

The Amour Arrow (アムール アロー Amūru Arō) is Cure Amour's weapon. With it, she's able to perform Amour Rock n' Roll.



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