Cure Bloom and Cure Egret get ready to use Twin Stream Splash

Twin Stream Splash (ツインストリーム・スプラッシュ Tuin Sutorīmu Supurasshu?) is Cure Bloom and Cure Egret's attack which is the most used in the series Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. They use this attack to purify objects which have been taken over by Uzaina, though they can only use this attack when they are together. This attack does not require an item. 


Similar to the attack of the original Futari wa Pretty Cure series, Marble Screw, Cure Bloom and Cure Egret call upon the spirits of the Earth and the Sky. Energy gathers into their hands as they recite the incantation. The energy turns into yellow and blue liquid and comes out of the symbols on the girls' uniforms. They forcefully push the liquid after yelling "Splash!", turning it into strong jets of water which enclose the enemy and purifies it.



Cure Bloom: 大地の精霊よ···
Cure Egret: 大空の精霊よ···
Cure Egret: 今、プリキュアと共に···
Cure Bloom: ···奇跡の力を解き放て!
Both: プリキュア・ツインストリーム・スプラッシュ!


Cure Bloom: Daichi no seirei yo...
Cure Egret: Ōzora no seirei yo...
Cure Egret: Ima, Purikyua to tomo ni...
Cure Bloom: ...kiseki no chikara wo tokihanate!
Both: Purikyua, Tuin Sutorīmu Supurasshu!


Cure Bloom: Oh, spirits of the earth...
Cure Egret: Oh, spirits of the sky...
Cure Egret: Now, together with Pretty Cure...
Cure Bloom: ...Release the power of miracles!
Both: Pretty Cure, Twin Stream Splash!



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