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Twinkle Stick

Twinkle Stick (トゥインクルステッキ Tuinkuru Sutekki?) is a device in Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure that Cure Star, Cure Milky, Cure Soleil & Cure Selene use to perform Southern Cross Shot. It first appeared in episode 11, after the girls compliment Hikaru's great source of imagination that unites them.


The Twinkle Stick is a short rod with a thick white handle and a small pink base at the end. On top of it is a big transparent star with the team's insignia in the middle. It is also lined in gold with small hearts engraved at each point. On the upper right side is a short shooting star-like tail in the Cures' respective colors (pink, teal, yellow, and purple). At the base is a pink crown-like design with a small pair of light purple wings at each side with a slightly larger pair of white wings at each side of that pair. Beneath that section is a fuschia star-shaped gem with two yellow stars accenting it and a small teal oval-shaped gem under that part.


In the anime

In episode 11, it first appears and is used to perform the group attack, Southern Cross Shot.





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