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Gentlu summons an Ubauzo

The Ubauzo (ウバウゾー?) are the main monsters from Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure that first appear in episode 1. They can be summoned by the Bundoru Gang, using the stolen Recipepes and the Bundoru Gang container. The more Recipepes are captured, the stronger the Ubauzo is.

They say "I'm stuffed~" (オナカイッパ~イ?) when they are purified by the Cures.

In episode 10, they get a power-up known as Motto Ubauzo (モットウバウゾー?).

The Ubauzo are voiced by Hori Soshiro.


An Ubauzo has the body of what they possessed with fangs, spikes on each side of its head, a dark blue mask over its eyes, and the Bundoru Gang's emblem on its forehead.


Each Ubauzo's abilities and powers depends on their possessed object.

List of Ubauzo

Episode Image Possessing Abilities Summoned by Defeated with
Episode 1
DPPC01 Ubauzo.jpg
Frying Pan It can body slam its enemies and extend its limbs. Gentlu Precious Triangle
Episode 2
DPPC02 Ubauzo.jpg
Pepper Grinder It can fire pepper from its chest. Gentlu Precious Triangle
Episode 3
DPPC03 Ubauzo.jpg
Stove Pot It can transform into a drill, trap its opponents inside itself and heat itself up while spinning around. Gentlu Precious Triangle
Episode 4
DPPC04 Ubauzo.jpg
Weighing Scale Can throw the plate on its head like a frisbee/boomerang. Gentlu Spicy Circle
Episode 5
DPPC05 Ubauzo.jpg
Whisk Can spin around really fast and fire lasers from its forehead. Gentlu Spicy Circle
Episode 6
DPPC06 Ubauzo.jpg
Salad Spinner Can fire blue lasers at the enemy, and create a tornado. Gentlu Spicy Circle
Episode 7
DPPC07 Ubauzo.jpg
Noodle Drainer Traps its enemies in its nets. Once combined, the two nets can be used like a yo-yo. Gentlu Yum-Yum Lines
Episode 8
DPPC08 Ubauzo.jpg
Spatula Can use its feet to knock back attacks. Gentlu Yum-Yum Lines
Episode 9
DPPC09 Ubauzo.jpg
Takoyaki Griller Can fire energy blasts from its hands. Gentlu Yum-Yum Lines

List of Motto Ubauzo

The Motto Ubauzo container

The Motto Ubauzo (モットウバウゾー?) are created from Gentlu's upgraded container when she lends them her power. The container is shaped like a cat, and is purple with a yellow line running down the middle. The Bundoru Gang logo appears on the front.

These Motto Ubauzo resemble their regular counterparts except they have red masks and a yellow markings on their foreheads with the Bundoru Gang's emblem on it.

Episode Image Possessing Abilities Summoned by Defeated with
Episode 10
DPPC10 Motto Ubauzo.jpg
Frying Pan Can shoot lasers from its eyes. Gentlu Delicious Precious Heat
Episode 11
DPPC11 Motto Ubauzo.jpg
Potato Masher Gentlu Delicious Spicy Bakin'


Ubauzo comes from the word ubau (奪う?), which means "to steal"[1]. Motto (もっと?) means "more"[2].


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