Ueshima Sayaka
上島さやか Ueshima Sayaka
Uejima Sayaka
SeasonHeartcatch Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorRed
Hair ColorRed
Home PlaceKibougahana
First AppearanceHPC03
Japanese Voice ActorWatanabe Akeno
Ueshima Sayaka (上島さやか Ueshima Sayaka?) is a minor character who appears in the third episode of Heartcatch Pretty Cure!. In this episode, she has a central role as the victim of Sasorina. She loves playing soccer and has played it since elementary school. Her Heart Flower is the red poinsettia.



Sayaka appears to be boyish in appearance, with slightly tanned skin and short choppy red hair to match her eyes. She was depicted wearing a raspberry-colored uniform with black tube socks and a matching pair of shoes.


As stated by Hanasaki Tsubomi, Sayaka's Heart Flower is a red poinsettia, which in the flower language means "burning with passion". This passion is directed to her love for soccer, but it is wilting with the Heart Flower when Sayaka is discouraged by the soccer club's rule of not having any girls on the team. However, after her Heart Flower is purified, she regains her passion and decides there is another way to deal with the situation if she does not give up.


When Sayaka went to elementary school, she loved playing soccer, and played with other boys and girls in the school's soccer team. However, when she starts at middle school, she is shocked to hear that girls are not allowed to enter the soccer club, and was about to give up after asking the coach several times. Because of this frustration, she insults Kurumi Erika's fashion club, calling it weak. Erika accidentally frustrates her even worse when, after observing the soccer team adviser telling Sayaka that she cannot join, tells her she should not care about the soccer club because the fashion club will be happy to have her.

After school, Sayaka practices under a bridge, and catches Sasorina's attention. Seeing that Sayaka's Heart Flower is wilting, Sayaka's Heart Flower is stolen and used to create a Desertrian with her soccer ball. Half-way conscious, she watches as the Desertrian breaks havoc before it is purified by Cure Marine's Blue Forte Wave. When she wakes up, she only remembers the experiences as a dream, and believes Tsubomi and Erika's story that she trained too hard and fell asleep. As her Heart Flower is no longer wilting, she has regained her passion for soccer and decides to start her own soccer club for girls. Telling Erika that she will do like them and recruit members, she bids them farewell, not knowing that Coffret produces the Heart Seed that her Heart Flower gave them upon being purified.HPC03

Days later, Sayaka is asked by Tada Kanae to retell her experience with Pretty Cure in order to help her with her scoopHPC06.


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