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Umehashi-sensei (梅橋先生 Umehashi-sensei?) is a minor character who appears in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. He is a teacher at L'Avenir Academy and the coach of Kagayaki Homare.


Umehashi-sensei has short, spiky brown hair. He is usually seen wearing a red tracksuit.


Umehashi-sensei is shown to be a very compassionate teacher, as he breaks down in tears of joy when Homare perfects a new jump. His compassion for his role as a teacher was also displayed when he considered himself a failure after Homare abandoned her career after a traumatic accident.


Prior to the events of the season, Umehashi-sensei found Homare skating alone in an ice rink and was touched by her skills. Umehashi-sensei then became her coach. However, in a competition, Homare missed a land and crashed, causing her to leave the team.

In episode 4, Umehashi-sensei made several attempts to get Homare back onto the ice skating team, begging her to come for practice. Homare refused, leaving Umehashi-sensei feeling like a useless teacher. This caused Charaleet to turn Umehashi-sensei into an Oshimaidaa. Eventually, he was purified by Cure Yell.

After Homare returned to her ice skating career, Umehashi-sensei is usually seen in the background when Homare is practicing or when she's in a competition.



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