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KKPCALM Un・Deux・Très Bien! Kirakuru・Rainbow

Kirakuru・Rainbow used on Bibury

Un・Deux・Très Bien! Kirakuru・Rainbow! (アン・ドゥ・トレビアン! キラクル・レインボー!?) is Cure Parfait's main attack first used in episode 23. To perform it, she needs her Rainbow Ribbon.


Parfait turns the star dial on the Rainbow Ribbon slightly and as she twirls her ribbon, she starts saying her chant. This allows a glass cup to appear and trap the enemy inside. Parfait then proceeds to fill the cup with food found in parfaits. The food then sprays kirakiraru onto the trapped enemy, purifying the enemy in a rainbow blast.



Cure Parfait: 行くわよ!アン・ドゥ・トレビアン!
Cure Parfait: キラクル・レインボー!
Cure Parfait: ボナペティ!


Cure Parfait: Iku wa yo! An・Dū・Torebian!
Cure Parfait: Kirakuru・Reinbō!
Cure Parfait: Bonapeti!


Cure Parfait: Let's go! Un・Deux・Très Bien!
Cure Parfait: Kirakuru・Rainbow!
Cure Parfait: Bon Appetit!




Cure Parfait Attack - Un! Deux! Tres Bien! Kirakuru Rainbow

Cure Parfait Attack - Un! Deux! Tres Bien! Kirakuru Rainbow

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