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Usapyon (ウサピョン Usapyon?) is a stuffed bunny which Love had and played as a child. The toy comes to life and becomes a character in Fresh Pretty Cure!: Omocha no Kuni wa Himitsu ga Ippai!?.


Usapyon is a grey rabbit doll wearing a pink ruffled dress with a yellow collar. It has whiskers sewn to each cheek and red eyes. Usapyon has a small tuft of hair and its inner ears are pink in color.


Usapyon was a well-loved toy owned by Love who played with it so much that it had stuffing coming out of one ear and the back. Love was very protective over Usapyon, refusing to let her mother throw it out when she became aware of this. When the toy comes to life Usapyon informs the group that it knows that they are Pretty Cure and explains why the toys are disappearing and all about Toymajin.

Usapyon also tries to talk Toymajin out of his evil plans but is absorbed into Toymajin temporarily, worrying Love that Usapyon is just another discarded toy that made Toymajin. She believes that because she almost forgot about Usapyon she fears that Usapyon will suffer the same fate as Toymajin, but Usapyon tells Love that since she loves Usapyon, it would never be an abandoned toy like the others.

At the end of the movie several bandages cover Love's fingers and a fully patched up Usapyon sits on her desk.





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