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  • I live in NL
  • My occupation is Purveyor of fine screenshots
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Hiya ^_^
My name's Kimiko. I'm one of the admins of this wiki.
My specialty is screenshots, but I try to help out wherever needed.
If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me or one of the other admins.

Shameless vandalism! :o

Benigyo prepares to create a DonYokubaru

Your profile page have been visited by a handsome & dangerously cool Beni! Lol -Leah

  • Screenshots - new

So many galleries to fill, and there's a new episode every week >_<

  • Screenshots - old

Some older screenshots are really small, or have ugly artifacts, or black edges, or whatever

  • Get rid of titles used as names

Down with the Chourous! Death to the Kouchous! Stamp out all the Kyotos!
JK, but this thing's annoyed me for a while, so when I have time, expect to see lots of edits

  • Ichigozaka needs more details. I have a ton of screenshots, but I'm not sure yet how to use them here.
  • Ichigoyama hasn't been made yet, and I'm thinking it would be nice to have a page for the Ichigoyama fairies to put the info we have about them.
  • & stuff

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