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Welcome everyone to my user page!
I am your one and only, Hibiki, an admin who will do her best to actually do stuff here besides socialize. I am twenty one years old and I just love to sing!!! I am trying to improve my video quality as well as my recording quality too!

If you're wondering why I'm not here often, it's because I'm almost always on discord talking to my close friends or just singing. So if you want, just message me here about discord and I'll help get you started there so you can talk to me without a 500 message limit/or waiting 2 days or more for me to respond.

It comes to the surprise of no one that Minamino Kanade is one of my favourite Cures. Even though a lot of people do mistake my user name as thinking Hibiki is my favourite Cure. Ahaha but this time around, Kanade is not alone at the top as...
Amanogawa Kirara has now found her way into my heart as well!!! What a surprise because it was one for me if I had to be honest. These two just couldn't be more different, huh? But I love them both anyway!!!
Hagoromo Lala is the latest edition to this list. Her cuteness and the fact that I can relate to her just put her up here very fast! It's safe to say that she stole my heart when I least expected it~!

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Princess Perfume
Flora Dress Up Key Cure Flora Cutie Figure
Cure Scarlet Cutie Figure
Cure Scarlet Mode Elegant Cutie Figure
PreChanMirror with the Cure Lovely and Cure Princess PreCards
Princess Cure Happy DXF Girls Figure
Kousaka Honoka Banpresto Figure
Sailor Moon Banpresto Figure
Sailor Saturn Banpresto Figure
Suite Pretty Cure♪ Manga by Kamikita Futago
Cure Milky Plushie
Cure Milky Cutie Figure
Cure Cosmo keychain

Cure Rhythm S.H. Figure

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