• I live in Sydney Australia
  • I was born on September 24
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female

I love all Pretty cure, But Smile is my favortive!!! 

Favortive Cures

Cure March

Cure Peace

Cure Twinkle

Cure Felice

Cure Sword

Least Favortive Cures

Cure Black

Cure Mint

Cure Moonlight

Cure Muse

Cure Fourtune

Favourtive Seasons

Smile Pretty cure- Smile is so underrated

Fresh Pretty cure- Love cure Berry costume for some reason!!

Suite Pretty cure- Love Hummy 'nya'

Go Princess Pretty cure- Best Precure season ever!!!

Least Favortive Seasons

Happiness Charge Pretty cure- I dont get the fact it's called Happiness Charge when it's mosly about love. (may be wrong?)

Go! Princess Precure! Cure Twinkle Transformation & Attack

Go! Princess Precure! Cure Twinkle Transformation & Attack

1080p Cure Felice Transformation-1

1080p Cure Felice Transformation-1

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