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  • I was born on April 27
  • My occupation is Writing and Editing
  • I am Male

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<<Pretty Cure Wiki Member>>

<<//HELLO~! Welcome to my Wiki Page, fellow Pretty Cure Wiki user!//>>

Hi! I'm Cure Technic, the person who needs major limits with wiki edits if there are errors on the grammars or forgot to add minor changes with a simple response.

<<//ABOUT ME//>>

I am a 19-year-old guy who had been in the Precure Fandom for 10 years since I watch the Philippine Dub of Futari Wa Pretty Cure, after few years I'm keeping up watching Precure Videos on Youtube about new seasons until that day. In 2017, I started as an admin of an old Precure Forum (Which is already wiped out a few weeks back) and a current admin of a Discord server during my time on watching PreALa.

In 2018, Started my career as a Precure Youtuber on uploading Precure Lyric Videos like PuriKyun. But due to my very busy schedule, I upload rarely if I need to ^^;

Besides YT, I also write fanfics on Wattpad for Precure Crossover fics with my Alternate Universe Counterpart called "TeamPowerZ" and also some anime I like to work on :)

OK, I know I rarely online here in this wiki, but I'm always online in Discord! Scroll down to "On Social Media" for more.


Some favorites in the PC fandom? Well... Here's my answer:

My most favorite character is Ichika "Cure Whip" Usami because of her excitement and being active like I am as a part-time content creator and a student, besides Ichika, my other best characters are Hana "Cure Yell" Nono & Haruka "Cure Flora" Haruno.

For my best favorite season would be HUGtto!, PreALa & Go!Pri.

Note for 2nd faves? *sigh* I take the distance for it...

For Characters are Mirai "Cure Miracle" Asahina, Riko "Cure Magical" Izayoi, Ciel "Cure Parfait" Kirahoshi & Saaya "Cure Ange" Yakushiji (Stop here until I made a list of best characters from Go!Pri to HUGtto).

For PreCure Seasons... I don't know >_<

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For Pretty Cure Lyric videos, you should Check my Youtube:

Fanfics for Pretty Cure and Love Live? You can read them on Wattpad:
Note that I'm very busy, I didn't make some remake versions of my past ones from last year

For more updates on my channel, follow me on IG: @CureTechnic

And NO, I'm not going to send you a link for my personal Facebook account because it's for friends I always talked with and also PC fans in my country online & RL

If you like to add me on Discord like you want to chat with me or inviting me in Pretty Cure-related servers, please message me :)

You can add me instead: CureTechnic#6875(Send me an intro first before sending a request :P

World of Pretty Cure server:

If you want me to invite your server, please add the info (like the full info of the server or if you need help on the chat problems and going to make me to be the admin on fixing this, or helping to make a new Precure server like discussion server, RP server, etc.) with the invite link of your server (Remember I only required no-expire links, this is required!)

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I hope you really enjoyed my introduction tabs, please message me if you like to talk about Precure-related discussions ;P

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