Cure kitty mew

aka Aly

  • I live in A literal desert ;-;
  • I was born on July 30
  • My occupation is Artist, 8th grade student, loser and Shadow fangirl sadly
  • I am Female
  • Bio I like cats
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Template:Character Infobox TemplateHoi, I'm actually Cure Aly cat, but somehow got kicked out and couldn't get back in. I love cats and pumpkin spice lattes. I also have an unhealthy obsession with Talking Tom and Friends and the franchise in general. Drawing is my LIFE. I also really love singing and doing nothing. I just turned into a teenager so I'm trying to change myself for the better, and like totally became a valley girl in the process Xd. I'm making a WEBTOON called "Edgey Precure ripoff", I mean, "Soldier Harmony" and it was supposed to be animated but that didn't go well. I've only watched Futari wa, Max Heart, Splash Star, Yes! 5, GoGo!, Fresh, Go! Princess (my first <3) 6 episodes of HUGtto! (episodes 1,2 and 46-49), and 18 episodes of Star Twinkle (I'm rewatching it with my mom). Star Twinkle got me into astronomy and now I take classes for it on my homeschool program. I also found out I was a furry since I was 8 so I can't deny it anymore xd. #proudfurry

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My Favorite Cures

InfoCureBlack This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Black
I just love her fighting style and her hair.

InfoCureBerry This user's favorite Cure is Cure Berry

My waifu! She's so pretty and perfect~ Wish her transformation wasn't cut all the time though.

InfoCureMoonlight This user's favorite Cure is Cure Moonlight

I haven't seen Heartcatch yet, but I love everything about her already. She has a beautiful design, her personality is both calming and badbutt (same with her theme songs), and I even drew fanart of her.

InfoCureBeat This user's favorite Cure is Cure Beat

well, she was a cat.

InfoCureHeart This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Heart

Haha, jokes.

InfoCureTwinkle This user's favorite Cure is Cure Twinkle

I love her voice (Rubber duck goes squeak squeak squeak), and her design is pretty too. Her transformation is one of my favorites, and her hair is awesome!

InfoCureMacaron This user's favorite Cure is Cure Macaron

I haven't seen KiraKira yet, but she's a cat, she reminds me of Talking Angela, instant love <3

InfoCureStar This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Star

I'm not a fan of her voice nor transformation, but I LOVE her character and design. Her overalls are sooo adorable, especially with the little star pockets. I should totally go to the store and get some overalls and stitch pink stars on the back pockets because that is how cute she is. She also got me into astronomy and constellations! I even drew fanart of her and here's a speedpaint I made. I also dressed up as Hikaru for Halloween!

InfoCureMilky This user's favorite Cure is Cure Milky

All time favorite hands down 10/10 best girl fight me Zero Two fans. But seriously, her transformation is the best and her smile melts my heart. I love her color scheme, her design, her serious personality, OYO~ SHE'S SO KANPEKI!!

My favorite villians

Westar: He's just so funny and he's kinda hot too

AiwarnUserbox This user thinks Aiwarn is the best villain

She's so adorable!

My favorite mascots

InfoTarte This user's favorite mascot is Tarte
I love his derpy eyes and his personality. He's so funny!

InfoHummy This user's favorite mascot is Hummy

Cat=instant love

My favorite seasons

Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star OpeningLogo This user's favorite season is Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star
I didn't like the designs, but I loved the calm atmosphere and it's so nostalgic.

GPPC Logo This user's favorite season is Go! Princess Pretty Cure

This was my first season and my third ever anime. I don't remember much but I loved the princess theme and the animation.

Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure Opening 1 Moment This user's favorite season is Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure

I loved the theme and the characters and I haven't seen much of it tbh but I love it!

Merchandise I Own

Princess Perfume

Cure Dream Bank

Heartcatch Precure thing with lots of stickers in it

Star Color Pendant DX

Mini Peach Rod, Berry Sword, and Linkrun from probably Walmart back in 2009.

Cure Black action figure (from the original Futari wa)

Cure White, Bloom, Dream, Lemonade, Mint, Berry, Pine, Shiny Luminous, Milky Rose, Coco and Natts Cure Dolls

Asahina Mirai Chibi doll

Hoshina Hikaru DIY cosplay

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