• I live in California, USA
  • I was born on March 20
  • My occupation is Musician, Singer, Guitarist, Bassist, Video Gamer, and Anime Fan
  • I am Male

About me

I am an aspiring rock musician who is into the Pretty Cure series. I usually upload images with Assistive Touch from an Apple iOS device at screenshots showing frames from video sites such as Youtube. Don't expect screenshots to be sharp. Feel free to update my images if you have a sharper screenshot. The best ones I can get for Precure is when characters pose, reaction faces and perspective shots because there isn't any videos where I can use Assistive Touch to take screen captures of the video that is showing on Apple devices without any subtitles, even in Japanese displayed. So, if you happen to have screenshots only that doesn't have subtitles or closed captioning, you can update my or even other users' screenshots. Uploading frame-by-frame images is what I rarely do if wikis don't allow gifs. I also comment and sometimes add trivia, animation errors, quotes, and categories related to the Pretty Cure series. The Assistive Touch from Apple devices got me into the video screen capturing enjoyment. Also, I just wanted to have galleries make you feel like you're watching the show. Or I just upload screenshots that I like. One of my comments may be sensitive to people who can't handle constructive criticism, but I tried to avoid repeating myself. There are some comments I don't feel like posting because they are usually comments I would rather comment to the public and not on the internet, even if it is possible to remove them from my publish canon. And I do NOT support internet memes. They take away the spirit and meaning of any product of any medium that disrespects the creators' works. I appreciate products for the way they were made, not what the stolen pieces nor mash-ups say.

How I got into Precure

I've been a fan of anime since I was 14 years old. Sailor Moon brought me into the world of anime and into Magical Girl anime. I first discovered Precure from the 3DS community on Miiverse of a Happiness Charge Precure video game. The first Precure clip I watched was from episode 21 where it has that moment where Hime was tricked into getting out her room, causing her to scream at the top of her lungs. Also, the Precure series is one of the Magical Girl shows that I like, one of those shows that I wouldn't care which of them is my favorite.

What I think about Precure

I may not be in the demographic and only expected media to be made as an art form, but the reason I enjoyed the series is because I think it is a good series for kids as it's made for them. That's usually what older viewers like about TV-Y7 rated shows as something to be appropiate and entertaining for kids, having wonderful stories, and making them smart.


You might think of me as a kind, and quiet person, but I can get excited or angry easily. I don't show much of my sadness. I have the personality of a rock singer, as you might say. I don't stand people who can't take someone's one constructive criticism. I pretty much act like Layne Staley.

Other interests

HCPC14 - Megumi singing

Megumi singing.


I do enjoy other non-Magical Girl animes like Slice-of-life and romance.


I like rock/metal music. I enjoy singing. I also play guitar, and sometimes bass. I also dreamed of forming a rock band. I also experimented on doing English renditions of Japanese and other foreign songs. Most including Precure songs. I let my hair grow just like other musicians, and look really attractive that men can have long hair too, and there is an art to it.

Active status

I have a career of becoming a musician; a singer, guitarist, and a bass player. That kept me busy from editing wikis. I have no problem with that. I do stuff like playing video games or editing wikis whenever I have some spare time.

Characters that I like

Note that I'm not interested in characters that are relatable to me. The characters I care about are the characters that have character development, usefulness, contribution to the story, and some I think are good for kids.

Puzzlun 1 Mai 001
  • Mishou Mai: Perhaps my favorite white cure in the series who appeared in what I consider is the coolest season. Well-behaved, beautiful, and smart personality as well as trying her best at something like being an artist makes her not only a great character, but a good role model to kids. Saki is great too. She is cute and athletic, and both characters are great in their own right, but I feel like crediting her more than Saki. I like her because she at least has an identifiable character for us to know who she is and what she does.
  • Akimoto Komachi
  • Hojo Hibiki
  • Shirabe Ako: Of all child Cures in the series, Ako is perhaps the best because she is the most mature and understands more than kids don't. It's already established that there is no rule saying a child girl can't be a Pretty Cure. If the girls have the strength and skill, they are in.
  • Hino Akane
SmPC21 Yayoi wish is to be a famous artist

Stay strong, Yayoi.

  • Kise Yayoi: Her shy and crybaby character made us hope she will stand up for herself and get stronger, and it works as a success. She is so cute that you just want to hug her. We also get to see her memory of her father who was now dead, how she got her name, hoping that she becomes gentle and kind, and being inspired to be an artist. She is also not afraid to admit that she may cry a lot, but that doesn't stop her from caring about her friends. She may run away, but not at the cost of her friends. Her voice really fits her shy and crybaby character. High-pitched and not too loud to ring the speakers. She is the most developed Cure in Smile and really stands from the rest of the Cures from her being an artist. Although, it's weird for her to be not afraid of ghosts for a shy girl. No one needs to relate to her for her to be loved. A character is expected to have a personality, a skill, screen time, interaction, and development of themselves, for the characters, and the story.
SmPC04 - Nao recognizing Miyuki

You are a great person, Nao.

  • Midorikawa Nao: A great authority figure for her kids and others, and one of the best green Cures to show that like pink, green is a color for both male and females. No pinks, no blues, and no reds. Just a forest and grass green. She is also a pretty strong one too and not all tomboyish as she still acts like a girl and does like cute things in a normal way. She may be scared of bugs, but she does go emotional if anything happens to her family that she has to help out. Her screaming sounds terrifying and real that we know how she feels. She is one the parental figures in Pretty Cure where she doesn't need to look sexy in a kid show. Because of how of her strong fighting techiniques, she is the best green Cure who deserve more attention in the series to fans. Even kids can look up to a tall, strong, and positive ordering hero.
  • Aino Megumi
  • Shirayuki Hime: She is an example of a comic relief character done right. She has a reason to be there. While she made mistakes, so she can learn something, and get stronger along the way. She can be a great Precure leader than Megumi. Her mouth-residing mini figure is pretty cute and does bring a smile to my face that how it did for kids to laugh. She may be like Usagi, but the difference is that Hime is into fashion. Her interaction with Iona is cute, and does try to cheer Iona up when Iona learned it's not entirely Hime's fault for opening Axia.
  • Sagara Seiji: It is somewhat rare that we see tall, round-eyed boys in anime, but they may appear from time to time. I always prefer the tareme because it makes characters look more expressive and cute, allowing them to look happy, sad, or mad easily, than how most boys who have sharp, almond-shaped eyes (tsurime) that tend to make them look serious or disinterested. I'm fine with people saying they like tsurime characters as their personal taste. Seiji is a great ally in terms of character. He is able to fight off choiarks, allowing the Pretty Cure to fight the saiarks. He is gentle as a person. He wasn't interested in being in any relationship as we all know not every series requires that. Nonetheless, we do think Megumi and Seiji are fine with each other.
Huruka With Earrings
  • Haruno Haruka: We all agree that her idea of wanting to be a princess is silly, but Go! Princess Pretty Cure showed us that it is possible for a girl to become one, especially in fiction. Even other stories that came before Pretty Cure touched on something similar like a boy/girl wanting to be a prince/princess even when they're not royalty, like they are being asked by citizens of a land. Haruka is also the best pink Cure because she is pretty and not as in your face as the other leader Cures. When she makes a mistake like twisting her ankle from ballet that she wasn't taught on how to do a spin, she feels guilty and regretted what she did, and gets spared by her friends.
  • Tategami Aoi: It's great how she can develop as a strong Cure, who doesn't let anything get in her way, and showing her other skills like music that even viewers who find Aoi different from them would love her. She is multi-talented, which makes her more of a character that is needed that you don't need to relate her, and tell who she is and what she is good at.
STPC13 - Lala in her uniform

Lala, you never cease to amaze me.

  • Hagoromo Lala: She has responsibilities she has to follow, as for any kid should, even if you're an adult. She also does her best and only gets help when she needs it. She is able to become a Pretty Cure and fight on her own where is able to grab the Star Pen and do her finishing move. She met different people on Earth and other worlds where she is use to the different cultures, gets along with the people fine, and shares her experience with other characters who felt foreign to other people and/or isolated from other people. It is exactly how we feel when seeing a different country with different people speaking in a different language. She even said it best. Everyone is different, but they are not always bad people. It's also a way to help a character grow. It's not just relatable, it can also help a character learn something along the way and interact with people to feel open about themselves and to the different people. She is so adorable because of the way she looks and smiles. She is really cool at the same time because of her being a green Cure and her antannae attacks that I know both boys and girls would love her, even if she is an alien. My favorite and best cure in Star Twinkle would have to be her.
Puzzlun 2 Madoka 001

Don't worry, Madoka. You're beautiful and smart. Nothing will restrict you from being a friend.

  • Kaguya Madoka: Also my favorite and the best human cure in Star Twinkle because of how she is able to learn to feel more open to keep her from being pressured by her strict father while still being perfect, smart, and free to get help from her friends. She also learned that she can be skillful and serious while having fun at the same time so it'll be worth it for her and for her audience.

Cure outfits that I like

As a musician, I do take a look at fashion that represents what we feel comfortable with. Here are the following that I think either suits their character, style, some that I like, or those that show them that they are not too shy about what they are wearing. Same thing and should for anyone if they are in a band.

Mascots that I like

These are the fairies that I like for their usefulness in the series, outside the series, or other reasons.

  • Hummy: Sure, she may be naïve, but maybe we can consider her as the cutest mascot in the Pretty Cure series.
  • Tarte: He is one of the male fairies can have his funny moments. The way he reacts makes me smile. The way he becomes the first male cure in the franchise is done right where he does fight the monster and used the Healing Prayer at it.
Pop Mahou no Kiseki
  • Pop: I can like characters that can be cute and cool at the same time; well, human characters can be cute and cool too, but I can like them too. Back to Pop, male mascots are great for a girl series because, not because to cater to boys, because male fairies can show girls that male mascots, and boys can be cute too. Well, besides him saying otherwise. His male voice is great, voiced by a man, and matches his man character to make him believable without the need to give him a fairy voice. And he is a great help to the Pretty Cure as an ally, and as a guide to the right direction. Just like the girls, he is pretty cool.
STPC06 Prunce is happy to see that the Leo Princess is back
  • Prunce: He is a cute and useful mascot, especially for a male mascot of Star Twinkle. Whether he is either an octopus or a sea angel. Who cares? His shapeshifting abilities are a help to the Pretty Cure. He can grow big, act a barrier, and blow strong winds. He may be much better than Pop.

Pretty Cure seasons I like

  • Splash Star: It really doesn't deserved to be bashed just because Saki and Mai look similar to Nagisa and Honoka. The girls are different. Saki and Mai are cuter, Saki is nicer, Mai is an aspiring artist, the girls have second cure forms, and the music is very good.
  • Heartcatch

Pretty Cure seasons I hate

Characters that I dislike

Characters that I dislike for their portrayal and roles.

  • Kujou Hikari: If she is not a Cure, is she an ally? Either way she has no reason to exist. I don't hate her, she is just unnecessary.
  • Aida Mana: We all do. I don't have to explain it. She is the reason why Doki Doki is terrible. She steals all the attention, not letting other Cures to develop. Everything always revolve around her, like she has to do everything because the Cures are no help, because she did not allow her friends to get stronger. She is also ugly. And don't get me started on her singing. It sounds just as bad as a circular saw cutting a 2x4 stainless steel board. She is unquestionably the worst Cure in the franchise, and we can't help that it feels good to bash this character.
PCDS Akira trying to excuse her behavior

"Don't worry, people make that mistake a lot." That is no excuse for you to act all emotionless and careless. What kind of friend are you?! You're better off being Mana's friend than being Ichika's or Yukari's. Have a personality, don't be a Mary Sue, and don't make the Takarazuka look bad.

  • Kenjou Akira: Akira acts like a Mrs. Perfect, never showing other emotions than smiling all the time, background characters liking her because the writers want them to, overtaking other characters like a show-off, and how does that give her a fan club?! I even think the way she portrays brought shame to the Takarazuka Revue. And that is sad even if I don't care for them. This is not how a character should be made. Takarazuka people don't really act like Mary Sues nor trick about who they are, at least from what I've learned, and actors only pretend when they're doing their given characters. I agree that Miku should've been a Cure instead. I agree that Mana is even worse. Akira is the character that actually made me legitimately angry. I just didn't fully experienced Mana's character, like I know she is terrible, that I did not want my hatred for this character get to me. For how Akira acted in the past kind of comes off as being a lying jerk. She is not the worst Cure in the franchise, but she is close.
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