aka みなみ

  • I live in Tokyo
  • I was born on July 26
  • My occupation is Student, i☆Ris fan
  • I am Female

Hello everyone.


My favorite Cures are:

  1. Cure Fortune
  2. Cure Passion
  3. Cure Beat
  4. Cure Sunshine
  5. Cure March
  6. Cure Sword

My dislike Cures are:

  1. Cure Happy
  2. Cure Dream
  3. Cure Honey
  4. Shiny Luminous
  5. Cure Lovely

I'm not too good with English, so I will help to add pictures if you guys don't mind. I can only help with the editing once in a while. I will be filling as the new episode pictures for Tama71999 as she will be busy.

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