aka Ruby

  • I live in The PriPara world
  • I was born on January 4
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am suffering from homework T^T

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Hi, I am Ruby999000 and I edit articles, add photos, add categories and much more in this wiki. I sometimes will clean up articles, too. I am mostly editing the newest articles such as Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! and its episodes , villains and songs. But I will edit old articles, too. Also, I know there are some spoilers so I will help the admins: Shadowneko, Coco and Walking On Sunshine to watch out for them. I would also write on user blogs and have some discussions on pages. If you have anything to talk with me, feel free to go to my talk page or ask the admins for help. But if you need help with the rules, click here. You will learn them soon.

The red light gives me love, Cure Ruby! (talk)

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