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Yo. This is StrangerAtaru, more well known on the Power Rangers/Super Sentai Wikia. Been watching some Cure stuff; and do want to further develop this page a bit. This is a bit of an introductory thing and hope to say more in the near future.

Personal Cure Guide (My Ranking of Every Season I've Seen From Worst to Best)

  • 12. Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart: While it's understandable that the original Futaris success caught everyone off guard, the means to make a sequel shouldn't have been "let's just clone last season but add more cutesy stuff". Seriously, nearly everyone is as they were and it feels like no one has learned anything with this season...OK, maybe Honoka has sort of changed and even Shiho is moving forwards, but Nagisa is stalled and goes through the same motions as last season! And don't get me started on Hikari/Shiny Luminous: I get the intent of maybe creating a mystery warrior associated with the Garden of Light's Queen, but she's ruined even before she becomes a Cure; with the nonsense of the Heartiels being pointless flotsam (outside Wishun...and maybe Intelligen and Seekun). And the villains are pretty much as stupid and pointless: the Guardians are a terrible follow up to the Datsuku Zone and only Hikaru/"The Boy in the Mansion" is actually interesting. Heck without him, Hikari would be a total waste instead of nearly a total waste. Probably the only worthwhile new things are him, Wishun...and surprisingly Lulun but only because she's adorable and finally restrains the madness of Pollun.
  • 11. DokiDoki! Pretty Cure: I seriously wish I could put this below Max Heart, but unfortunately there are still some interesting things this season despite how crappy it is. I really hate this team for just feeling like a waste of time...the funny thing: my favorite Cure this season is actually Mana/Heart, mostly because she's the only one who feels sincere and isn't just some super-elite, tragic warrior or strange phenomenon unlike...the other four; she's actually a hard worker and enthusiastic about what she does and I appreciate that! The idea of selfish behavior being something to fight against is neat but it's really only personified the best by Regina...and maybe the Selfish King (though I have a soft spot for Leva and Gura); the rest of the selfish forces really just feel like incompetents leading to the madness of the stupid Proto-Selfishness ending. The only other good thing about this season is...well, characters associated with Alice such as the awesome Sebastian, the hilarious Reina Itsutsuboshi and even her parents...while Rosetta herself is just another generic "good rich girl" trope sadly.
  • 10. Happiness Charge Pretty Cure: Despite the low ranking, I actually feel this season is underrated due to at least trying something new and interesting even if it fails on a lot of it's ideas and concepts. I love a lot of the concepts of the season: the global Cure movement, the united battle against one enemy on multiple fronts, even the ideas of the first half with the rivalry between Hime/Princess and Iona/Fortune; not to mention Red is probably one of the best final bosses of the franchise with the pure concept of the final boss being a literal God! Unfortunately...there's a lot of crap amidst what it does do right: Megumi/Lovely feels more of a glory hog than Mana ever was, there's a not of nonsense that the show throws down without concentrating on the interesting stuff, Blue is one of the worst mentors of the franchise, there's a stupid love triangle that bogs down a good chunk of the second half (even if it does lead to part of the epicness of the final battle with Red), the villains pre-Red are pathetic...and did I mention how Yuko/Honey drove me to madness between her singing and her Honey Candy?
  • 9. Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!: Sequel series in this franchise tend to be weaker than the original; but for Yes! 5, somehow there was still enough that was good and original that it wasn't as badly affected as...Max Heart. The strength of the season mostly comes from the fairies, surprisingly: both Coco and Natts further their storyline in trying to learn how to be proper rulers of the Palmier Kingdom despite being on Cure duty again; plus we get a fun new fairy by way of the delivery bird Syrup, the crazy and memorable kingdom rulers and, of course, there's Milk returning as the awesome Milky Rose, vastly improving on the "mystery Cure" formula while remaining the arrogant but lovable brat she is. The Cures themselves...are passable: I actually appreciate Nozomi/Dream and Karen/Aqua this season for pushing forwards with their dreams while Urara/Lemonade remains on the same track as last season; only Rin/Rouge and Komachi/Mint just go nowhere until the end. On the other hand, the plot with the Cure Rose Garden and Flora is really bad...and don't get me started on Eternal: if it weren't for the always entertaining Bunbee returning (and maybe the Wilt/Kid-like combo of Isogin and Yadokhan), they'd be a complete waste of time that tried to copy but failed in every way the charm and fun of Nightmare.



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