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About Me

I Am a Supat97 a hardcore gamer mostly Open World Adventure and FPS and Anime (mostly a pretty cure fan) form Thailand Enough said. (Sorry about the terrible English grammar)

What is the first season that you got interesting in precure?

Way back then that i can remember to watching Yes! Pretty Cure 5 in 2012 from the Thailand. If i'm almost like epic fight and awesome animation. That got me interesting till this days. (Also Smile Pretty Cure! too)

My Favorite Precure Seasons

1.Heartcatch Pretty Cure! - What can I say about this season? This season succeed in every way. The writing is great, the characters are great, the fights are epic, the plot and story is also great too and without the doubt a best and my favorite precure seasons so far.

2.Go! Princess Pretty Cure - After Smile was the last real good season of Precure so far in my opinion  The Go! Princess bought the thing rights where Doki Doki and Happiness charge handle a series so poorly. The characters are also well written and developed. They don’t just feel like stereotypes, Precure has used in the past.They feel like they have their own personality and The animation and characters design was a top notch This series has well written villains that also develop over time and it was great too. The music are also awesome too and the plot are well written. However the CGI Finshers kinda off for me but nevertheless this season are the second best and my favorite precure seasons so far.

3.Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! - You can said whatever about this season but this season are among my favorite precure season so far It just has so much that appeals to me lie the magic spell, a toy based mascot like teddy bear (AKA.Mofurun) had also we got duo precure team like in the past while the final battle was kinda disappointed, however final episode is easily handdowns the best the entire series so far.

4.Smile Precure/Yes! Pretty Cure 5 - What can I say? Both of them are so darn good and bought me to the precure to this day, it's hard for me to decide. maybe have some flaws and the finale reuse DX3 scenario but without the doubt a most entertaining and fun among the franchise. It had a great presentation, design, and theme with a simplistic and light-hearted story but it really works in it's favor because it gives us more interaction between the characters and they don't have to suffer for it. There's torn of a hilarious scenarios in this season but it knows when to be serious and emotional Also the novel was shockingly great too, Yes5 in other hand brought back the ratings that was lost in the previous season and changed the Pretty Cure formula but not a whole lot that haven't been seen before since it basically used the trend Sailor Moon started/popularized in the genre. this season was good and the cast was splendidly great especially the Cures also one of and my favorite precure so far. and don't forget how the both movie are great it is. However the English dub version of Smile Precure (aka.Glitter Force) was so horrible for me at least.

5.Futari wa Pretty Cure - This season where it all began I love how they actually deepened and developed the friendship bond between the two. The fights scenes are handown the most awesome in the franchise's history, which has yet to be topped and possibly explain why it's been toned down a bit and Hikari, while not the most interesting, is a decent new member introduced in the second season. but the villains in the other hands kinda...meh.

6.HUGtto! Pretty Cure - The end game story arc in general could have been better that a shame because this season was rock solid! The music is great too. and also is the first season to break the every genetic precure season boundary by using the travel theme also it a first time that we introducing an android Cure to the first male Cure. Not to mention making the All Stars movies and events canon too! At the near the end if you haven’t seen it, everyone becomes a precure! Adults, kids, boys, girls, even elders, they all became a precure too! that so amazing in my eye.

7.Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star - So, Splash Star is a good show and that a shame because it didn't doing so well in japan. because the main heroines, from their looks to personalities, are too same to the ones from the original This season was a consistently great show and its consistency combined with the excellent writing and well developed themes.

8.Suite Pretty Cure♪ - To thing about this season it has a ton of problems but is still a fun season where I feel the good outweighs the bad (unlike Doki Doki). It’s never stale or bland (unlike Happiness Charge), even though it reuses a lot of ideas and stuff from Fresh and Heartcatch, like blatantly. Suite has its own identity and heart. In the end I do like this series. It’s not particularly my favorite and I probably won’t see it too many times in the future, but I’m glad I have a chance to watch it. The music is nice and I often find myself humming the opening and endings occasionally. Sometimes it can get a laugh here and there, with some groans from it dragging a bit, but the element and moral of being in harmony is a nice touch.

9.Fresh Pretty Cure! - If I had to pick out a series that had both hit and miss at the same time it would be the Fresh one.It was true to its name and a breath of fresh air. It was something of a reboot, and I would say it was return to glory. after Gogo! almost destroying precure series. This is the point where the fairies started to become more tolerable for me at least, with Tarte being one of the better fairies from the franchise. Chiffon isn’t too bad, either, but not without the flaws it did take itself a little too seriously. Like the thing with the baby fairy and the villains using her and this conspiracy stuff, it’s just a little too complex for a show like this and honestly, I felt myself kinda bored by it. For me, the best thing to come from Fresh Pretty Cure! was Cure Passion’s character arc. It’s worth watching this season just for me at least. Also, bonus points for having the most unique antagonist in the franchise.Not to mention but the songs are really good The music are awesome too!

10.Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure - Well even i didn't watch this season yet but i doubt this season will come to this...The designs look okay...but it's still a letdown for multiple viewers, myself are included. I suppose it's my fault for watching this too much from it that a shame because i love the whole space thing. I love constellations and the spiritual connections with them...well not without one problem. The theme imagination, is so forced and misused, it has to be the most poorly implemented concept in the franchise. Also both story and characters gone to nowhere as well.

11.KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode - I wish i can put this season on higher rank... So I went back to catch some episodes up until the finale and Yeah...why does this have done so poorly! Well i am gonna tell ya why? the story lacking direction and became a complete and utter mess. The fights are the weakest in the entire franchise, being incredibly dull, having no outstanding moments, and lacking any sort of variety or diversity with the new fighting style and for the most part, Kira Kira is just mostly about how sweets are important to people, because they make people feel happy and we know that’s a flawed way of thinking, cuz not everyone in real life likes sweets. Also by putting sweets on such a high pedestal, it’s like saying toys or some other materialistic thing is what human emotions are about. Why just sweets? To be honest even though I like Kira Kira it doesn’t fill me up with as much passion as Yes5 or Smile did. But on the brightside It was fun but it’s just kind of there to me, even though I think it had a lot of great stuff but sadly it didn't work out as it was.

12.Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart - It's a sequel to Futari wa that at least tries to give some new ideas but just ends up being in my opinion weakest season of precure so far, however As How bad as Max Heart it is I still like it. I enjoy it overall and there’s plenty of good to be found.

13.Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo! - This season almost destroying precure series! Well...Yes5 was a huge success compared to Splash Star they probably thought they could prolong that power, I doubt a sequel was planned from the very beginning in Yes5 due to several plot holes in GoGo, and wanted to see if another sequel could be successful like Max Heart was. Unfortunately GoGo almost destroying precure with a massive decline in viewership and toy sales! not unlike Splash Star, and the Pretty Cure franchise would be revamped following it. Well it’s not without its good points and it fixes a lot of the problems that Yes5 had actually. But at the same time it brought forth a whole new batch of problems! A lot of episodes feel very much like nothing of importance happens Also the plot with the Cure Rose Garden and Flora is really kinda meh...and don't get me started on Eternal: if it weren't for the always entertaining Bunbee returning (and maybe the Wilt/Kid-like combo of Isogin and Yadokhan), they'd be a complete waste of time that tried to copy but flopped in every way the charm and fun of Nightmare where Yes5 does but GoGo! isn't.

14.Happiness Charge Precure! - So do I like this season ? Well…Let’s put it short...the series falls flatter than a pancake! with boring plot and the characters with their designs and personalities are completely generic! Not to mention it introduced arguably the worst character in the entire franchise! Well that’s how I felt after watching Happiness Charge! Oh...Boy! Do I happy with this season!? Short and the big answer is...NO. I still consider this series to be the least favorite? Well...Doki Doki just being bland and forgettable in every way! 

15.Doki Doki! Precure - Oh Boy...What i am going to said about this season I didn’t really enjoy my time with DokiDoki even though it has the sentimental value of being the first Precure Season I catches up after Smile end their run. In fact, I’d go as far as saying the show is my least Favorite Precure Seasons so far. with a very overly confusing story line for Cure Ace and the red eye’d mean girl somehow being the same people. They’re like the Queen in different incarnations but…they somehow split. Also Mana is everything wrong with this season. A perfect Mary Sue it hardly ever comes off as human or real, the movie is one of the only instances where she does. Mana is just…outright bland. Mana does not grow or develop, Mana does not have flaws, everyone completely fawns over her throughout the entire show, the show bends over backwards to make things revolve around her even when they shouldn’t, It’s truly Mana Mana Precure. But you know even if it wasn’t a season of Precure, it would still be bad because of the numerous plot holes, missed opportunities and really stupid coincidences and randomness that drives it. For a season that builds itself around its plot (and it has the greatest focus on plot of any season of Precure easily) it’s shocking that it’s so badly done and poorly thought out It’s just so boring that not even what would be interesting, is not that interesting at all!

My Favorite Precure Character

InfoCureWhite This user's favorite Cure is Cure White
InfoCureLemonade This user's favorite Cure is Cure Lemonade
InfoCureMint This user's favorite Cure is Cure Mint
InfoCurePeach This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Peach
InfoCurePine This user's favorite Cure is Cure Pine
InfoCureBlossom This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Blossom
InfoCureMarine This user's favorite Cure is Cure Marine
InfoCureSunshine This user's favorite Cure is Cure Sunshine
InfoCureMelody This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Melody
InfoCureRhythm This user's favorite Cure is Cure Rhythm
InfoCureHappy This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Happy
InfoCureSunny This user's favorite Cure is Cure Sunny
InfoCurePiece This user's favorite Cure is Cure Peace
InfoCureMarch This user's favorite Cure is Cure March
InfoCureBeauty This user's favorite Cure is Cure Beauty
InfoCurePrincess This user's favorite Cure is Cure Princess
InfoCureFlora This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Flora
InfoCureMermaid This user's favorite Cure is Cure Mermaid
InfoCureTwinkle This user's favorite Cure is Cure Twinkle
InfoCureMiracle This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Miracle
InfoCureMagical This user's favorite Cure is Cure Magical
InfoCureMofurun This user's favorite Cure is Cure Mofurun
InfoCureWhip This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Whip
InfoCureCustard This user's favorite Cure is Cure Custard
InfoCureMacaron This user's favorite Cure is Cure Macaron
InfoCureChocolat This user's favorite Cure is Cure Chocolat
InfoCureYell This user's favorite main Cure is Cure Yell
InfoCureEtoile This user's favorite Cure is Cure Étoile
InfoCureAnge This user's favorite Cure is Cure Ange
InfoCureAmour This user's favorite Cure is Cure Amour
InfoCureMilky This user's favorite Cure is Cure Milky

What is your Favorite Game?

Grand Theft Auto IV&V (PC)

Rockman X Series aka Megaman X (SFC/PS1)

Doom (PC)

The Sims Series (PC)

Command & Conquer Series (PC)

Favorite Music

Title Video
Unbeatable Love I Surely Have
(負けない愛がきっとある Makenai ai ga kitto aru?)
Yukie Nakama
Servin' 'Em Heat
(サービン・エム・ヒート Sābin emu hīto?)
South Central Cartel
From Here And Now
(イマココカラ Ima Koko Kara?)
Pretty Cure All Stars
Twinkle Stars
(Twinkle Stars?)
Naruse Eimi, Kohara Konomi, Yasuno Kiyono, Komatsu Mikako & Uesaka Sumire
Run To The Hills
(ラン・ター・ザー・ヒルズ Ran tā zā Hiruzu?)
Iron Maiden
Wild Side
(ワイルド・サイド Wairudo saido?)
Mötley Crüe
Wanted Dead Or Alive
(ウォンティド・デッド・オー・アライブ U~onteddo deddo oa araibu?)
Bon Jovi
Wild Fang
(Wild Fang?)
Janne Da Arc

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