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  • Chrismh

    As I will soon be finish the final collection of Happiness Charge, as well as on this website for the arcade game ( I had a few questions to ask, cause I'm kinda confused...

    Is this ( a different game entirely? Or did they just sort of... re-brand the game with a new name and such? Like each season they modified the game, but I don't believe they modified it's name or anything until I saw this seperate website for a Maho.

    My next question now, was Princess skipped? Like... are there any sort of these DCD/arcade game collections for that series that isn't located on these two websites? I do see the characters from that series in some of the Maho cards, but I haven't seen any so…

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  • Chrismh

    Does anyone know what this means?


    I'm trying to figure out if this collection has a name, otherwise I'll be titling the page Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! Collection 1

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  • Chrismh

    Translation Help Needed

    January 16, 2017 by Chrismh

    Hello x3 I've decided to take it upon myself to work on the Trading Card series pages and such.

    Um... Basically I need everything on the list to the side translated, the names of the various collections. Some of them are made on the wiki, but I can't tell exactly where/what the names for the collections are. Is there anyone who can help? Again I just need collection names for now, but if you want to help out more I don't mind that, we can talk about it some.

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  • Chrismh

    I only own a few, although I would like to have a lot more XD I have a Cure Blossom figma, and a nendoroid. I also have a figma of Cure Sunshine; but if my dreams are finally answered, I'll have the nendoroid of her VERY soon~

    I finally found someone selling her, and for a fair price. It's also a trustworthy shop so I'm not at all concerned of them trying to scam me or anything. But the only problem is that since I bought a few of the Precure 3DS games - I'm kind of low now...

    Anyway, does anyone else hear collect them? Or even other merchandise is okay x3 I have tons of other things, sorta, but I'm more attached to the figma and games.

    If you don't own any, is there anyone you'd like to have?

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  • Chrismh

    Well I like to keep them random/cure related. Anyway I began to grow curious, if anybody shares a birthday or star sign on here with any of the cures. Blah blah blah, feel free to elaborate. Also, if you share any simularities with said cure feel free to mention x3

    Alright, so anyway. I share my star sign with Nagisa. Her birthday, according to the wiki is October 10th, meaning she is a Libra. She also has naruto's birthday x3

    We share the same star sign but my birthday is October 15th.

    In terms of appearence I don't really look like her, nor do we share many personality traits since she's into girly things besides sports. Both of which I'm not into...

    I love pink and black though :3

    So anyway, now its your turn x3 Have you noticed any cure or …

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