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  • TheMistyMermaidX7

    Happiness Charge's movie has officially been annouced, it's called Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! the Movie: The Ballerina of the Land of Dolls


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  • TheMistyMermaidX7

    These are my thoughts, hopes, expectations and my even theories for Happiness Charge Pretty Cure. I might update this blog whenever new information is revealed.

    Thoughts so far:

    I'm really enjoying this season so far, Cure Princess and Cure Fortune are both very interesting characters. I'm not really a fan of Cure Lovely, she just feels like a typical Cure leader. I like that Seiji found out thier secret, I'd love if he helped them out in the future. One thing I don't like is the alternate forms I feel that they're just there to sell more merchandise.


    I think that Cure Fortune will not become part of the group until at least episode 20, I also think that there will be a fifth Cure joining between  episode 20 and 30.


    This may…

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  • TheMistyMermaidX7

    I'm disappointed that none of the seasons beyond the first were dubbed into english, I guess that these days most kids animes don't get dubbed. If all other Pretty Cure seasons were dubbed here's my idea for name changes, (if a cure isn't there that means they won't get a name change)

    Hikari / Shiny Luminous = Kari or Lucy (similar to Luce Italian for light, Hikari is Japanese for light)

    Saki / Bloom = Sally

    Mishou Mai / Egret = May

    Nozomi / Dream = Nicole

    Rin / Rouge = Lin (direct translation)

    Urara / Lemonade = Ursala

    Komachi / Mint = Caroline

    Milk / Kurumi / Milky Rose = Gala (Greek for milk)

    Inori / Pine = Ireane

    Eas / Setsuna / Passion = Stacey

    Tsubomi / Blossom = Bonnie

    Istuki / Sunshine = Isabelle

    Yuri / Moonlight = Lily (direct translation)


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