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Uzaina (ウザイナー Uzainā?) are the monsters appearing in Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star. Like its predecessor, the Zakenna, it is created by a ghost-like spirit entering and possessing an object or human. When defeated, the spirits from the Land of Fountains are freed and return to their homeland.

Each enemy has their own type of Uzaina, usually reflecting the villain's element, such as Karehan being able to manipulate anything made from wood or plants. Each Uzaina has their own type of spirit insides them, as shown by the different colored spheres that appear when beaten.

List of Uzaina

Image Possessing Summoned by Defeated with
FwPCSS01 Uzaina 01 Tree Karehan Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS02 Flower bush Pot Karehan Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS03 Uzaina 03 Softball bats Karehan Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS04 Uzaina 04 1 Cicada Karehan Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS05 Uzaina 05 Book Karehan Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS06 Uzaina 06 Seaweed Karehan Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS07 Uzaina 07 Fusion Karehan and tree branches Karehan Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS08 Uzaina Rocking horse shaped spring Moerumba Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS09 Uzaina 09 Traffic lights and street lights Moerumba Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS10 Uzaina 10 Oyster Moerumba Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS11 Uzaina 11 Objects buried in the sand Moerumba Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS12 Uzaina 12 Bomb Moerumba Twin Stream Splash

Uzaina 13

Lighter Moerumba Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS13 Uzaina 13.01 Glass Teapot Moerumba Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS14 Uzaina 14 Rosebush Dorodoron Twin Stream Splash


Stone Dorodoron Twin Stream Splash


Uzaina 16 Underground pipes Dorodoron Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS17 Uzaina 17 "Haniwa" archaeological sculpture Dorodoron Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS18 Uzaina 18 Canteen shaped Stone Dorodoron Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS19 Uzaina 19 Handwash Sink Dorodoron Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS20 Uzaina 20 Fusion Dorodoron and mud Dorodoron Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS21 Uzaina 21 Mishou Kouichirou's Meteorite Fragment Kiryuu Michiru and Kiryuu Kaoru Twin Stream Splash
FwPCSS25 Uzaina 25 Shaved Ice Ms. Shitataare Spiral Heart Splash
FwPCSS26 Uzaina 26 Faucet Ms. Shitataare Spiral Heart Splash
FwPCSS27 Uzaina 27 Objects of the festival Ms. Shitataare Spiral Heart Splash
FwPCSS28 Uzaina 28 Stalactites Ms. Shitataare Spiral Heart Splash
FwPCSS29 Uzaina 29 Bars of soap Ms. Shitataare Spiral Heart Splash
FwPCSS31 Uzaina 31

Water Fountain

Ms. Shitataare

Spiral Star Splash

FwPCSS32 Uzaina 32 Groundwater Ms. Shitataare Spiral Heart Splash
FwPCSS34 Uzaina 34 Pole and bike Kintoleski Spiral Star Splash
FwPCSS35 Uzaina 35 Metal of the stadium light stands Kintoleski Spiral Heart Splash
FwPCSS36 Uzaina 36 Toolbox Kintoleski Spiral Star Splash


Uzaina 37 Musical Instruments Kintoleski

Spiral Star Splash

FwPCSS38 Uzaina 38 Train track Kintoleski Spiral Heart Splash
FwPCSS39 Uzaina 39 Exercise machines Kintoleski Spiral Star Splash
Movie Movie Uzaina Castle Sirloin -


  • The name is inspired by the Japanese word for "it's annoying".
  • Each Uzaina has a "U" in his forehead. Maybe, is reference to the first letter of his name.


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