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Viblis (ビブリス Biburisu?) is one of the four servants of Evil King in Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. She is the most serious member of the group, and often scolds Uraganos and Circulas when they argue.


Viblis first appears in episode 9, where she goes to do battle with the Cures and Luminous. She interrupts Honoka on her birthday visit with her parents and shows up at the mall which they are dining at for lunch, and summons a Zakenna which possesses an escalator and various objects in the stores. She then appears and confronts the girls, but they perform the Extreme Luminario and she leaves.

Her next appearance is in episode 10, where she goes to a factory after arguing with Uraganos and Circulas, mainly Uraganos, over a strawberry on a piece of cake she was eating. She goes to destroy the girls and get some strawberries, and summons a Zakenna, this time it possesses an oven and a mixer. Again, she fights the Cures and Luminous. She then leaves after they defeat it with the Extreme Luminario.

She returns yet again to fight them in episode 11, and finds Hikari alone in this particular situation, and seizes the opportunity to get information. She confronts the young girl, and Hikari transforms to try and fight her to keep her from interfering with Nagisa's lacrosse match. Viblis summons a Zakenna, and it possesses an electrical transformer, turning it into a dinosaur/Godzilla looking creature that shoots wires from its fingertips. Viblis almost defeats Luminous, until Honoka and Nagisa show up, transforming and defeating the Zakenna with the Extreme Luminario. She vanishes and returns to the mansion.

She is then seen at the beginning of episode 12, reflecting on her most recent battle against the girls. She is then interrupted when Baldez enters, making his first appearance.


She appears with short yellow-orange hair and pinkish skin, green eyes and wears a pink blouse with some green-golden models. Her boots and her hand warmers are red. She has a violet long vest and green earrings. Her final form, however, depicts her without her cape and armor, just with her nlouse and hand warmers.


Viblis is violent and cruel. She is very impatient when something does not go her way, but is caring only to Kujou Hikaru / The boy in the mansion.


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