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Warp (ウォープ Wōpu?) is the main antagonist of the first part of Go! Princess Pretty Cure's movie, Go! Princess Pretty Cure: Go! Go!! Gouka Sanbon Date!!!. He is the self-proclaimed "Collector of Despair".


In his normal appearance he wears a red striped black hat and black coat. His hair is turquoise and he wears a purple crystal monocle. He always keeps a light blue book with glass like pages with him.

In his monster form he resembles a giant black chameleon; his eyes become purple crystals and on top of his head he has two pink horns and Pumplulu Princess's chamber. His great mass of teeth are orange in color and very sharp.


In spite of his casual appearance, he is a cunning and manipulative schemer as seen when he takes control of Pumpkin King's and Pumpkin Queen's mind with his purple crystal.


Warp was once a subordinate of Dyspear. However, as he didn't receive any positive comments from Dyspear, he left her organization out of discontent, and arrived at Pumpkin Kingdom to become an adviser as an act to plot his plan on absorbing the despair from the citizens of the kingdom by making it fall into depression. After successfully brainwashing the king and queen, he went on to abduct Pumplulu Princess who he locked inside a tall glass tower.

Warp first appears on a city building observing the Princess Pretty Cures and Yui as they are eating puddings. He opens his book and turns a few pages, which summons a dessert Zetsuborg. The Princess Pretty Cure fight and defeat the Zetsuborg and Warp smiles and retreats.

He then takes the Princess Pretty Cure to Pumpkin Kingdom, where he introduces himself as the minister of the kingdom. He hosts a ballet performance, stage walk performance, violin performance and cooking performance; all of these to capture Pretty Cure. His plan ultimately fails and out of anger he transforms into his monstrous form. 

He is ultimately defeated by Princess Pretty Cure's new Halloween Eclair attack.


He is able take control of one's mind with his purple crystal and he can summon Zetsuborgs using his transparent book. He can also transform into his monstrous form in which he is more powerful and frightening.



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