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Washio Kouta (鷲雄 浩太 Washio Kōta?) is a supporting character who appears in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 and Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, he is Urara's manager from Production Eagle.


Washio is often seen wearing a grey dress suit, underneath he wears a blue striped tie around his white shirt, and brown dress shoes.



Washio is a very committed person, he adores Urara and is shown to care for her almost as family and does everything for her to get her big break in her career. As a manager he has to work all the time and answer a lot of phone calls. He does his job very well, although he generally is a little scatterbrained. He is a little over-cautious in terms of emergency measures for Urara and meets all the cases, which could eventually happen any time.


  • Kasugano Urara - Washio seems to always be on edge when it comes to Urara, as he cares for her a lot, and often worries for her, not only in her career, but also in health.
  • Kasugano Heizou and Michel - The three of them are often seen together when it comes to Urara, even during her childhood. He first was concerned about their appearance though, until he heard that it was due to Urara's suspicious behaviour, which led the three to follow her about, and were relieved to find out that it wasn't anything serious.




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