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Wisdom (ウィズダム Wizudamu?) is the guardian of the Prism Stones and lives in a parallel world of Futari wa Pretty Cure. For most of the series, he is simply known as the Guardian of the Stones (石の番人?), and his name is first mentioned by Ilkubo.


Wisdom is a male deity with green hair that wears a violet tunic. Around his waist are long gold braided ropes. He has closed eyes.


Wisdom is usually wise but he will sometimes question things around him. When he is being confronted, he loses his cool and panics.


For the first time, he shows himself to the Pretty Cure, after they received one of the five stolen Prism Stones; Wisdom gives them his summoning card, so they can put the Prism Stones into the Prism Hopish. When the Cures receive the second stolen Prism Stone, he also gives the Pretty Cure a diary that requires a special magnifying glass to read the ink inside of it. Because of this, the girls are able to understand each other better. Once, Ilkubo tries to capture him, but he fails due to the Pretty Cure.

When all seven Prism Stones were gathered, the guardian got captured by Ilkubo in the Garden of Light. However, Cure Black and Cure White with the help of the Queen manage to defeat Evil King and save Wisdom and the Prism Stones.

Later, he transfers the power of the Prism Stones into Pollun, allowing him to access a new power. This allows for the use of Rainbow Storm. He got captured again by the Seeds of Darkness in the Garden of Rainbows and is put in a cage with a parrot. Wisdom tries several times to escape, but he gets eventually captured again. Due to Wisdom's daily conversations with the parrot, Belzei Gertrude finds out the incantation of the Power of Creation and the Seeds of Darkness summon this power and eventually consume it.

In Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, Wisdom stays in the Garden of Light with the Elder and waits for the Queen's return.


  • He shares the same voice actor with Tarte from Fresh Pretty Cure!, Matsuno Taiki.
  • In the German dubbed version, he has a stereotypical Italian accent.


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