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Witch of Delays (あとまわしの魔女?) is the main antagonist of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.



Witch of Delays is a large green fish of sorts, who wears mostly black, with a large purple coat. On her face is a black mask with four red lights.


Witch of Delays is very unmotivated, to the point that she procrastinates on important things, such as dealing with the Pretty Cure. She gets angry rather easily but settles down when the mask on her face shocks her. She is also cunning, knowing Laura’s wish from the get-go and decides to use it to tempt her.


  • Butler: He serves as her messenger, and reports to her about everything. He also passes important information on to the other generals for her.
  • Chongire, Numeri, and Elda: Her generals. They undergo different roles to serve her, such as cooking her food, being her doctor and her maid.


Prior to the season, Witch of Delays deprived Grand Ocean of its motivation and caused most of the residents to be unmotivated. She has now set her sights on the human world, but makes her generals do all of the work.

When Laura gets captured by Chongire's Zenzen Yaraneeda and sent to her, she asks Laura why she is assisting the human Pretty Cures and assumes that it's because Laura wants to be human as well. She suggests that Laura helps her with something in order to grant her wish. TRPC16



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