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Witch of Delays (あとまわしの魔女?) is the main antagonist of Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure.



Witch of Delays is a large green fish of sorts, who wears mostly black, with a large purple coat. On her face is a black mask with four red lights.


Witch of Delays is very unmotivated, to the point that she procrastinates on important things. She gets angry rather easily but settles down when the mask on her face shocks her. She can also be very cunning.

It is later revealed that the Witch is someone who lacks the courage to change her own destiny and make a change.


  • Butler: He serves as her messenger, and reports to her about everything. He also passes important information on to the other generals for her and gives him new orbs every now and then so they can summon stronger variations of Yaraneeda.
  • Chongire, Numeri, and Elda: Her generals. They undergo different roles to serve her, such as cooking her food, being her doctor and her maid.
  • Cure Oasis: She met Aunete, who nursed her back to health, hundreds of years ago. Despite wanting to return the favor, she lacked the courage and instead chose to destroy Aunete's town. She later decided to delay so she could feel less pain when fighting against Oasis. She finally cries when Oasis reunites with her, moved that she can finally be friends with the girl she treasures the most.


Prior to the season, Witch of Delays deprived Grand Ocean of its motivation and caused most of the residents to be unmotivated. She has now set her sights on the human world, but makes her generals do all of the work.

When Laura gets captured by Chongire's Zenzen Yaraneeda and sent to her, she asks Laura why she is assisting the human Pretty Cures and assumes that it's because Laura wants to be human as well. She suggests that Laura helps her with something in order to grant her wish. TRPC16 When Laura resists the Witch's temptation, the Witch explains her motive of desiring to create a world full of unmotivated people and punishes her by sending her down the dungeon. She later furiously grabs Laura for trying to retrieve the Mermaid Aqua Pot, but Laura escapes after biting her hand. TRPC17

The Witch later starts having nightmares about a mysterious woman that resembles the Legendary Pretty Cure, and also forbids her subordinates from mentioning the term "Pretty Cure".TRPC29

Later, she starts to act more erratically as her life begins to diminish to the point where she doesn't respond well to medication. When Butler summons a whale Yaraneeda to suck Motivation Power from all of Aozora City, he reveals that the Witch herself used to wreck a town until Cure Oasis intervened, and that he used to work for her as a knight when she was called "Witch of Destruction", and she was captivating to his eyes.TRPC42

Eventually, the five Cures confront the Witch in her room, and Summer asks why she wants an eternity of delays. At first, the Witch is delighted that there is enough Motivation Power for the Fool's Casket, until she realizes that she does not even know or remember why she wants the wish in the first place. However, Butler still sways her mind to believe that she wants to delay forever.TRPC43

After much suffering, the Witch remembers that she wanted to finish her battle against Cure Oasis from 100 years ago. Now motivated to complete the battle, she fights against the Cures, who are trying to reach her heart and remind her how much Oasis cared for her. Summer then tells the Witch what she really delayed was becoming friends with Oasis as her spirit appears before the Witch. She then realizes how much she wanted to be friends with Oasis too and starts to cry. The Witch then takes Oasis's hand before happily vanishing into bubbles. TRPC44


  • It is confirmed by character designer Yukiko Nakatani in a February interview that the Witch of Delays, along with the Mermaid Queen, are centuries old, in which she mentioned that she was explicitly told by the director that their large sizes were indicative of their age.
  • Tsuchida Yutaka revealed in the Animage January 2022 issue that the Witch of Delays is meant to evoke half humanoid, half Jabba the Hutt from Star Wars.
    • Nakatani Yukiko further confirmed that the Witch of Delays' design was also based on a moray eel.
      • It is also revealed that the Witch's body is wasting away due to doing almost nothing aside from sleeping.


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