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Full Throttle Passion, Cure Rouge! (情熱全開キュアルージュ! Jōnetsu Zenkai Kyua Rūju!?) is the 2nd episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 147th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall. This episode focuses on Natsuki Rin becoming a Pretty Cure.


At first Rin thought Nozomi was kidding when she told her she can transform, but as Nozomi tries to convince her best friend to join her both girls are left remembering what brought them together in the first place.


File:Yes5 Nozomi telling rin about the watch.png

Nozomi invites Rin to be a Cure

Nozomi is excited to tell Rin about her transformation into a Pretty Cure, but Rin doesn't fully believe her at first. Nozomi offers to let Rin become a Pretty Cure too- but Rin leaves her hanging, still thinking it's a joke.

File:Coco introducing himself.png

"Kokoda Koji" becomes Nozomi's new teacher

Later at School, Nozomi attempts to convince Rin that she is telling the truth but Rin brushes her off. As Nozomi tries to tell her, she is distracted by their new teacher, who she recognizes as Coco, who is going by the name Koji Kokoda.

Once class ends she confronts him about it, and he explains that he has to reside close to Pretty Cure. As he goes on to explain what the Dream Collet is, and how it can grant any wish that you want, Rin is shown to be eavesdropping on them. He continues on to explain who Nightmare is.

Meanwhile, Girinma gets in trouble with the Board of Directors for failing to capture the Dream Collet, and is sent back to Earth with renewed resolve.

After hearing about the destruction of the Palmier Kingdom, Nozomi vows to gather four other Cures to fight and rushes off, leading him to give chase as Rin remains apprehensive. However, upon witnessing him transform when he falls down the stairs trying to catch Nozomi, she is shocked to learn that she is telling the truth- but she decides to leave.

Meanwhile, Karen and Komachi come looking for Nozomi, investigating the destruction that went on in the school library the previous day but are unable to locate her.

File:Rin helping Nozomi.png

Rin helps Nozomi as children

Meanwhile, Rin reflects on her long friendship with Nozomi and rethinks her rejection of Pretty Cure, worried for Nozomi's safety. However, Girinma comes and attacks Rin, asking her where the Dream Collet is.

Nozomi explains her friendship with Rin to Coco, and Coco describes Nuts to Nozomi, and they talk about what it means to be best friends with someone but their conversation is interrupted by the appearance of a Pinkie.

While they're chasing the Pinkie, they find Rin currently running away from Girinma. Worried for Nozomi's safety, Rin once again tries to convince her to just quit being a Pretty Cure, worried for her safety. Nozomi refuses, saying she must fulfill Coco's wish before transforming into Cure Dream as Girinma creates a Kowaina out of a lamp post.

As the fight breaks out, Urara chases after a red butterfly that has appeared.

While watching the fight, Rin admits that what she's really scared of is losing Nozomi. For her sake she vows to become a Pretty Cure as a means to protect her, and called by her strength of friendship, the red butterfly lands on Rin's wrist and forms a Pinky Catch. With her instincts guiding her, Rin transforms into Cure Rouge.

File:Yes5 dont Understimate friendship.png

Cure Rouge attacks Girinma

Rouge manages to defeat the Kowaina, using Rouge Fire for the first time in combination with Cure Dream's Dream Attack. Girinma flees, and the two girls vow they will be together from now on. Nozomi also catches the Pinkie that they were originally chasing, making it the first of fifty-five.

File:Yes5 Urara After witnessing Pretty Cure For the First Time.png

Urara shocked by Pretty Cure's existence

It's then revealed that Urara was there watching the battle and learns of their identifies as Pretty Cure after they change back and chat about what happened. Now she has a lot of questions.

Major Events


Pretty Cure


Secondary Characters



  • After Nozomi tells Rin about using her device to transform, the latter does a pose similar to Kamen Rider's Hongo Takeshi as Kamen Rider 1.
  • This was the last episode of the English dub made by William Winckler since TOEI forced the dubbing to stop.


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