Who Is The Pretty Cure of Effervescence? (はじけるプリキュアは誰? Hajikeru Purikyua wa Dare??) is the 3rd episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 148th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. This episode focuses on Kasugano Urara becoming a Pretty Cure.


Nozomi and Rin meet up with Urara after she catches the girls in their Pretty Cure forms, and in this time Nozomi decides to spend extra time with her in hopes of getting to know her while trying to determine what "effervescence" is.


Urara is in the middle of auditioning for a group of people who begin to ask her how she likes school. Urara takes a moment to think it over and unhappy with the answer, she is quick to lie and claim how fun she thinks school is.

After school, Coco discusses what the girls' Pretty Cure forms represent; this being hope and passion. He goes on to bring up that the remaining three: intelligence, tranquility, and effervescence, and Rin interrupts to point out they understand what intelligence and tranquility mean, but neither of them understand what effervescence is or how to find it.

At home, Nozomi feeds Coco a snack but they are interrupted. She quickly hides Coco to find her dad, but she was unable to see him as he was sleeping. Her dad decides to start dinner, which surprises Nozomi until he explains that her mother is too busy working at the time, and that she'll be late. Nozomi lectures him for staying up all night and her dad picks Coco up, wondering where she got him. She claims Coco is a stuffed animal and distracts him when Urara appears on television and points out that she knows her from school.

In the Nightmare HQ, Bunbee is upset that Girinma has come back twice without results or the Dream Collet. Girinma apologized and tries to explain the Pretty Cure situation but Bunbee is unimpressed. He reminds him that their duty is to bring to Dream Collet for Desperaia to grant her wish, then with a snap of his fingers Girinma falls through a trap hole that opens up. Bunbee then orders Gamao to get the Dream Collet.

The following day at school, Nozomi and Rin continue trying to determine just what Effervescence is. Rin is quick to scold Nozomi for openly discussing Pretty Cure and when the surrounding girls hear them due to how loud they are, they quickly come up with a lie and claim they're actually talking about pudding. It happens a second time, but not a third as Nozomi happens to see Urara nearby and approaches her in order to mention how cute she thought she was on television the other day. She and Rin sit down and Nozomi introduces Rin to Urara- only to begin bickering shortly after.

As this is going on Urara soon remembers what she saw the previous day and attempts to bring it up. Before she is able to, a worker approaches to speak to her and she is forced to walk away, asking what Pretty Cure is in their direction. Unfortunately the girls flee after the bell starts to ring, leaving Urara saddened until she finds out that Nozomi is actually behind her back and she turns to find her. She suggests they head to class now but Nozomi instead offers to show Urara around, since she is new.

Meanwhile in class, Rin tries to be "subtle" and inform Coco that Nozomi hasn't come back from their lunch break and her concerns regarding it. Coco finds himself annoyed by this and he leaves the room after telling the students to read for a while. Rin then makes an excuse to leave as well and takes off after him.

Nozomi and Urara have fun looking around the school grounds, laughing and enjoying the various lovely sights surrounding them, such as the flowers and plants. They end their fun in the auditorium, where Urara reveals her dream of being on stage. Nozomi is impressed, but tells Urara that her dreams are still far off. But Urara feels like she can agree with this because so far, she's only had a single line as a support character role, the one coming up. Curiously Nozomi asks her if she truly spent the entire lunch break practicing that one single line and Urara confesses that she did. She reads from the script and then goes straight home due to having to work. She doesn't have time to make friends but she doesn't have that much choice if she wants to make her dream come true, so she has learned that it's better to be on her own.

Nozomi finds such a statement to be silly though, and states that she and Urara are friends, making both of them feel happy. Then she reveals her Pinky Catch to Urara and explains what it's used for, as well as what the Nightmares are and how they have been destroying a country that she plans on restoring. This is why she becomes a Pretty Cure, and she asks Urara not to tell Rin what she revealed because she would be angry.

Just then, Rin and Coco run in demanding to know where Nozomi is, and just when they find her Rin is quick to let her start having it. Nozomi tries to explain, when suddenly a strange man shows up demanding the Dream Collet. Nozomi tells Urara to run, but the man uses this time to transform the stage curtains into a Kowaina. He again demands the Dream Collet and once again Nozomi tells her to run, with Coco grabbing her and forcing her to run while Nozomi and Rin transform into Cure Dream and Cure Rouge.

With that, a fight begins. Students inside seem to be aware of what's going on, and while Karen wants to go and see, Komachi insists they don't due to being in the middle of class. Coco tries to get Urara to leave the auditorium with him and he takes a hit from one of the Nightmares. In order to protect her from the chaos, everyone keeps telling her to run away and while she doesn't listen, she is forced to leave anyway after Rin yells at her. The Nightmare keeps trying to get Nozomi to hand over the Dream Collet but they refuse.

As Urara runs away she tries to find someone to tell. But she falls over and hears noise coming from the room again. She wants to go back, but is too frightened until she remembers what Nozomi told her earlier about being friends. With her resolve she forces herself to get up and makes her way back to the Auditorium.

Just as the nightmare attempts to attack Coco, Urara stops it and to everyone's surprise, a glowing yellow butterfly appears in the room and floats through it. It lands on her hand and changes into a Pinky Catch. With that Urara quickly transforms into Cure Lemonade- taking a moment to express surprise to see her new form. She isn't given long to think it over though, attacking the Kowaina and allowing Dream and Rouge to free themselves and attack it, ridding of the monster and making Gamao take his own leave. .

Outside, the trio congratulate Urara and Coco introduces himself to her, only to inform the girls now that they have detention for skipping out on class. This makes him and Nozomi bicker for a moment, but they all express joy in having found the third Pretty Cure.

Major Events

  • Urara transforms into Cure Lemonade for the first time.
  • The group gains their third Cure.
  • Rin catches her first Pinky.
  • Yumehara Tsutomu appears for the first time
  • Bunbee appears to "eliminate" Girinma for his failure by a trap door, appearing as if he was fired.
  • Gamao appears for the first time.





Secondary Characters


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