Hustling Nozomi's Assistance! (ハッスルのぞみのお手伝い! Hassuru no Nozomi no Otetsudai!?) is the 15th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 160th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nozomi attempts to do the housework while her mother is sick, but her over-zealous nature makes it harder then she imagined.


It's the weekend as Nozomi's mother, Megumi, cleans Espoir, her beauty shop. She suddenly begins to get a headache when Rin with her mom arrive with some flowers for the shop. Rin asked where Nozomi is and it turns out that she is still deep asleep.

Later on, Nozomi is watching television when she notices her mother returned earlier then usual. She complains of her headache, and Nozomi notices that she has a fever, too. Megumi mentions that she still needs to make dinner and do the chores, but Nozomi offers to do it instead and suggests she just rests for now.

Meanwhile, Gamao was working as cashier at store, but instead of working he was napping in front of huge line when his boss woke him up. He said he has no idea how to work the cash machine, so he tells him to go and stock shelves instead.

Nozomi attempts to bring a cold towel to her mom but ends up slipping twice. She also tries washing the dishes but breaks a few, followed by overloading the washing machine.

Meanwhile, Urara came to Natts house with a Pinky. The girls are concerned over the location of Nozomi and Rin, but Karen reveals that Rin has to help with her families store, but Nozomi should be here. Suddenly, Rin ran into Natts House to inform everyone of what happened to Nozomi's mom and since her dad is out, they figure she is probably trying to do all of the housework. This makes everyone start to worry because Nozomi is very clumsy.

Currently, Nozomi is trying to make food but she keeps focusing on the mess she made, causing her to overcook the dish. Rin's mom comes by to deliver dinner for Nozomi and her mother, since she knew she was sick. She also offers to help clean the home together. But before doing that, they get the idea to make tamagoyaki, only for Nozomi to see they don't have any eggs left. She offers to run to the store to grab some and ends up going to the same shop that Gamao works at. She finds the eggs and then sees the others, as well as Coco and Natts. She brings up the fact that Rin's mom came to help, which calms them down.

Back at home, Megumi and Rin have been discussing the recent events of the day. There, Rin's mom reveals that Megumi was worse then Nozomi is when it comes to clumsiness.

At the same time, Gamao turned off the lights in the shop and attacks the girls. He summons a Kowaina from the cashier and the girls transform to Pretty Cure. They begin to battle, with Dream and Rouge fighting Gamao, However She got trapped while Lemonade, Mint and Aqua tend to the Kowaina.

After defeating it, everyone hurries to Nozomi's place and they all decide to do the housework while both Megumi and Rin's mother rest and take it easy. But even together they still end up making a huge mess and the worried mothers quickly come in after thinking they heard men's voices. But Nozomi claims things to be fine. So Megumi decides to rest longer while Rin's mom brings up a sudden headache.





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