The Uproar Over Milk's Running Away! (ミルクの家出で大騒ぎ! Miruku no Iede de Ōsawagi!?) is the 22nd episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 167th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Milk offers to help at the store, but after she causes too much trouble everyone makes her stop. Feeling useless, Milk runs away. 


Nozomi and the others arrive to help out with a Sale going on at Natts House. Before it starts they still need to set up, but Milk arrives with a few Pinkies, claiming not to need their help. She believes that she, Natts, and Coco can do it themselves without the help of the Pretty Cure, deep down concerned that she must learn to become more reliable- especially with a klutz like Nozomi around. Milk makes an attempt to show everyone how she doesn't need them, but she only angers Nozomi.

They begin to move things around, with Milk still struggling due to her small size. Coco suggests that she goes upstairs to rest since the customers will be coming soon, but she feels saddened, not understanding that he was actually concerned for her. Natts points out that they can't let anyone see her as the girls come back in to check on things, and watching with remorse Milk suddenly gets an idea.

Meanwhile, as this is going on, an angry Arachnea has been receiving her bonus for the work she has done lately. She is very unhappy with it and is told that she received basically what the the work she has done amounts to, which makes her leave in an angry huff.

Suddenly, Masuko Mika came to the store, where she asks the girls why they are there and their connection with Natts. She happens to see Milk nearby, acting like a doll and asks to purchase her, but they inform her that she was accidentally put out and isn't being sold.

During break they scold Milk for doing this, and she explains that she intended on letting herself be bought in order to make money for Coco and Natts, then she would run away when she got the chance- then repeat the process. She is shocked when Natts disproves of this plan, telling her that he doesn't want money earned through dirty schemes, going on to scold her again with Coco. They also say that she shouldn't bother to be helping out if she plans to resort to that, causing her feeling to become hurt and she runs off to be left alone. A frustrated Nozomi confronts Coco about this, saying he hurt her feelings. Coco claims that you have to be harsh to make others learn from their mistakes though, then insists that she returns to work.

Milk runs off, hoping down the staircase and sneaking out from the shop, using the back entrance to duck into an alleyway. She fails to notice Arachnea watching her, and seems surprised to see more of the Palmier Kingdom's citizens there.

A while later, Coco tries to find Milk but notices the door is opened. He runs down the back steps and towards the front but still can't find her. He then changes back to into his normal form to inform the girls of what happened.

Milk continues to walk, only to be stopped by a cat that frightens her. She is then confronted by Arachnea, which Coco happens to notice. She grabs Milk just as the girls arrive and Arachnea takes off, bringing Milk with her all the way to a closed fish shop. The door opens before them and they all run inside to try to find her but walk right into Arachnea's trap, shutting the garage doors behind them as the fish tanks begin to glow and she makes her appearance. They tell her to give Milk back and she refuses, instead making all of the fish come from their tanks and she throws a mask on one of the jellyfish, transforming it into a Kowaina.

It begins to attack the girls while she tells them to hand over the Dream Collet. They refuse, but she thinks they will eventually give up, revealing that she has Milk being restrained by one of the jellyfish. She tells them to again hand it over if Milk really means anything to them but they refuse, saying that they will save Milk and keep the Dream Collet too. With that, the girls transform and the fight resumes with the Jellyfish Kowaina trying to smash he girls. They are able to kick it to the ground and demand Milk to be returned to them. She refuses and claims that she should be able to keep Milk and do whatever she wants with her since they were mean to her anyway, but they claim that they were only trying to help her and how much she means to them. Arachnea then holds Milk over a tank of piranhas and while this goes on, the Jellyfish Kowaina is able to grab the girls with its tentacles and begins shocking them while Arachnea tells them how careless they were.

She tells them to hand over the Dream Collet but they continue to refuse, and soon Dream is able to free Lemonade, who uses Lemonade Flash to free the rest. Mint then used Mint Protection against the Kowaina's shock attack while Rouge is able to save Milk. Aqua then uses her Aqua Stream on the Kowaina while Dream finishes it. Arachnea takes off and everything returns to normal, with Nozomi comforting the scared Milk as the five girls take off and the sea creatures watch them.

The following day at the shop, Natts reveals he managed to sell everything. Concerned the girls ask how Milk has been since the day before, and she comes in to apologize for her behavior. Nobody is mad though, because she's been a lot nicer lately and they are happy she is safe. Komachi and Karen then come in to show the article about the shop; including the "adorable display plushie", who is actually Milk. 

Seeing how well received she was is enough to make her begin to act like she normally does, claiming not only to be cute, but a good student. The girls don't understand at first until Coco and Natts explain to the girls that basically Milk is the same age that they are. So although she may be the same age, Milk is very sure that she's far more mature then the girls, mainly Nozomi. She then hops up and steals the mamedaifuku from Nozomi, which ends with her being chased around by the angry girl.

Major Events

  • Milk is revealed to be the same age as the Cure girls in "fairy terms".





Secondary Characters


  • Interestingly, in this episode Natts House was displayed as if it was located next to multiple buildings, when in reality, it is actually located by a big pond with buildings close by.


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