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Take Back The Dream Collet! (ドリームコレットを取り戻せ! Dorīmu Koretto wo Torimodose!?) is the 47th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 192nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Milk beats herself up over causing the group to lose the Dream Collet so easily.


Coco awakens to find that Kawarino stole the Dream Collet, making his way to Desperaia as they speak. Milk blames herself for what happened, as she was the only one to believe him to actually be Coco, while everyone else seemed to be aware that something was wrong. Nozomi remains hopeful, while the others seem depressed, and she claims that the sky is still clear, meaning Desperaia didn't use it yet.

The girls head outside to try to locate them or the Dream Collet and meet back up in the park. Nozomi suggests they all start to shout for them to give it back - thinking it will make them appear, so they try it with nothing else to lose. Kawarino shows up as she suspected he would, deciding to eliminate any remaining loose ends. He opens the door to Nightmare and everyone steps inside, and they happen to  come to a moment when they used Five Explosion to defeat Girinma. However, this time the hall appears to be full of Nightmare people, along with Desperaia and the Dream Collet.

They transform into Pretty Cure while Kawarino changes into his monster form. They fight but he proves to be a challange with his tail absorbing all of their attacks and launching them back at them. He beats the girls with ease, and claims it was too easy to trick them all, so they should just give up now. He tells them to give into despair, just as the audience surrounding them has, but the girls refuse to go down without a fight.

Coco asks Milk to help the Cures, but Kawarino catches her and puts a mask onto her face. She tries resisting it until he reminds her that it was her fault he got the Collet to begin with.

Desperaia uses the power of it to ask for Eternal Life and her mask breaks, allowing her to change into her ultimate form. The Pinky all scatter again as the Collet turns into stone, forbidding anyone from using it ever again.

Major Events

  • Kawarino reveals himself as the fake Pinky that began Nightmare's invasion of the Palmier Kingdom.
  • Desperaia uses the Dream Collet to wish for eternal youth.
  • The Pinkies are scattered throughout the world again.
  • Forced into despair for giving up the Dream Collet to Kawarino, the Nightmare agent places a mask on Milk.


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