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|animator = Shuichi Ijima
|animator = Shuichi Ijima
|artist = Makoto Suwada}}
|artist = Makoto Suwada}}
{{Nihongo|'''Nozomi Sensei Ooi ni Ganbaru!'''|のぞみ先生大いに頑張る!|"Teacher Nozomi Does Her Very Best!"}} is the 22nd episode of the season ''[[Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!]]'', and also the 216th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.
{{Nihongo|'''Teacher Nozomi Does Her Very Best!'''|のぞみ先生大いに頑張る!|Nozomi Sensei Ooi ni Ganbaru!}} is the 22nd episode of the season ''[[Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!]]'', and also the 216th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.

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Teacher Nozomi Does Her Very Best! (のぞみ先生大いに頑張る! Nozomi Sensei Ooi ni Ganbaru!?) is the 22nd episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 216th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The episode starts with Nozomi and Rin at Koji's lesson. At lunch, Nozomi says his lessons are easy to understand. Rin complains that her siblings are not studying and Nozomi volunteers to help them study. Everyone doesn't think she can do it but Koji encourages her and Rin accept Nozomi's offer. Shiroh lashes out at Koji and added that before encouraging others he should think what he does, which surprises the girls.  Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee spots a strange man (Boss) and starts complaining to him about Anacondy and even saying the boss of this place is strange. Anacondy says that that was the boss, which shocks Bunbee, so he runs away before Anacondy got angrier. Later, at Rin's shop, Nozomi tries to help Yu and Ai to study, but they don't think Nozomi can do that. She doesn't know what a fraction was when they ask her. Yu and Ai doubt her even more until she spots a rice cracker. She asks the kids what would they do if they want to share one rice cracker together and the kids split it in half. Nozomi asked what if Rin and her also want a cracker and the siblings split the cracker to parts. Nozomi explains what a fraction was with that. The two find that fractions are fun and Nozomi adds they are delicious too. Meanwhile, Komachi and Karen were helping Rin at the store when they hear the noises of Nozomi's "teaching" and went check it out because they think they are fighting over sweets. Rin stops them from checking because she trusts Nozomi. Then the twins ask what does the sunflower sprout looks like because they never saw one. Nozomi takes one seed from the store, but the siblings worry that flower won't grow on time. Nozomi says if their teacher is as good as hers Kokoda-sensei, she'll understand. Yuu and Ai sincerely ask Nozomi why they have to study all of this. Nobody's given them a straight answer. Nozomi doesn't know herself, but she promises to have an answer the next time she visits. At Natts House, Nozomi shows Urara and Kurumi the seed she planted and Shiroh says Nozomi acts like an elementary schooler as well. Koji scolds him for getting in the way of Nozomi's dream and Shiroh scolds him about only being there to cheer others on. He mentions a broken promise and flies off. Later, Nozomi places the sunflower outside for it to get lots of sun, but sees that Koji is still worried about what Shiroh said. She tries to cheer him up, but Bunbee comes complaining about how he didn't knew it was Boss and that he has to achieve something so he isn't fired. He turns Nozomi's sunflower into a Hoshina. The rest of the girls come out and transform. They try attacking Hoshina, but Bunbee attacks mascots, making Natts lose the Rose Pact. The Hoshina catches it and closes in its flower. The Cures struggle not wanting to hurt Nozomi's sunflower. Then Syrup appeared with the rest of the Cures. They are shocked knowing the Hoshina has the Rose Pact. Then Dream says Rouge to fire her Strike to the sky, which she did. Bunbee thought she missed, but the Strike exploded in the sky, causing a bright light. The Hoshina turned to the light and opened its head, blooming and releasing the Rose Pact. Syrup caught it and Dream used Shooting Star to destroy the Hoshina, and Bunbee retreated. Then Nozomi explained sunflowers grow by observing the  sun. The Hoshina thought Rouge's attack was the Sun and opened itself. The girls complimented Nozomi's knowledge and Syrup said maybe she could be a good teacher. Then Yuu and Ai came, thanking Nozomi for the lesson and giving her an observation journal. Nozomi explained that they have to study so they can learn all sorts of things, which can nurture curiosity about the mysteries of the world. And once they know what they want to do in the future, they can use this knowledge to help them grow even more. Nozomi learned this from her own teacher - Coco. Later, while tidying up the store, Coco was thinking about Syrup's words and said that he's a bad king. Suddenly the Rose Pact started shining. Kurumi came to see what is going on and a crown of Palmier Kingdom appeared. It was twisted. 





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