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Purikyua ni Daitokai ni Arawaru! is the 26th episode of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, the fifth season in the Pretty Cure franchise and sequel to Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 220th episode of the Pretty Cure all series.


Urara has to go to big city with job but everyone tag along. they are surprised how huge this city is. Urara showed everyone the city's mascot character - a pink rabbit. Then she had to head to work. A man accidentally hit Nozomi. She apologized, but the man just ignored her. Syrup noticed everyone here are busy. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee gave Anacondy tea bills and she refused to pay them because he isn't actually useful to them. Meanwhile, at city, Rin left to watch some accessory stores, Komachi went to the library and Karen wanted to look at the hospital. Kouji and Natsu-san sensed a Palmin and Nozomi caught it. It was just bananas. But then she saw a cute little cafe and everyone decided to go there until the parade. At the same time, Rin was looking at the accessory store and the saleswoman invited her inside. Komachi was at the library and she saw a book put badly. She corrected it and the woman in the library noticed how she likes books. Karen was at the hospital and saved a boy with broken leg from falling. The nurse thanked her and asked is she visiting someone. karen said she wanted to look around the hospital since she's interested in medicine. The nurce decided to show her around. At the cafe, everyone else were eating and the woman working there told them a bit about the festival. It's the city's birthday festival. This cafe is from the city's creation. Meanwhile, Rin and the store keeper exchange their bracelets, Komachi was helping ut the books to shelves and a boy Karen saved before gave her apple. The old woman told them to go to see old meeting hall - the citizens didn't wanted to tear it down or rebuild, so they built a new one besides the old one. As long as that building stands everyone's hearts will be as one. They all love this city. Meanwhile, Bunbee came to the city by taxi wearing his old suit. Later, the girls met at the old hall and went inside. Nozomi saw the rabbit and Urara explained how important it is to the city. Urara said the people of the city taught her that. Then everyone heard Bunbee's voice calling the Cures. They hurried outside only to see Bunbee on a big screen. He told them to give him Rose Pact or he will take what is the most important for them. He changed the rabbit balloon into hoshina and it headed to the hall. The Cures tried fighting it but their kicks didn't harmed balloon. Meanwhile the city's people were watching and wanted to help too. They went to the hall too. They all cheered for Pretty Cure. Milky Rose thought of a plan. She went to the place where Bunbee was, getting him off the screen and the roof. While hoshina watched him fall, Coco came and gave the Cures powers to use Rainbow Rose Explosion. They defeated hoshina. Later Urara did her job as reporter by telling the viewers about the city. There were 6 Pretty Cure and Milky Rose figures. 






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