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Mirukii Roozu Aratanaru Chikara! is the 31st episode of Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, the fifth season in the Pretty Cure franchise and sequel to Yes! Pretty Cure 5, and also the 225th episode of the Pretty Cure all series.


The episode starts with everyone at Palmier Kingdom working hard tp rebuild the kingdom, when the faces of Coco and Milk appear in the sky. They said Natts made the device so they can now chat whenever they want now. Syrup was very cheerful because of that while Natts was still sad. The girls also appeared on the screen. They invited Natts too. He came to say hello to everyone but he had no mood. Later Natts was really closed by sitting in his room and reading only. Everyone were worried. Kurumi connected to the Palmier Kingdom people, making Coco and then Natts who accidentally came in to say something. Syrup was realy joyful about this stuff. Natts wanted to be alone so he started screaming on pushy Kurumi. She was worried. Later Natts was outside buying some books when Coco stopped him. They were talking with Coco knowing Natts was worried because Crepe started the device. He created nothing more just an empty container. He is not as great king as Coco is - he is useless. Thus he was buying all those history books to find out what were people expecting of kings and how they satisfied their expectations. Coco tried cheering him, but Natts just pushed Coco away and escaped. Meanwhile Anacondy was in the sky which got dark. When Coco returned Nozomi asked him about Natts. Kurumi said she just thought his mood will brighten up if he talks with his people. Komachi remembered how Natts helps her with her novel. She also reminded Kurumi, that Natts was the first to find out she is Milk, because he was cncerned for her. Karen reminded, that he also made her room. They all decided to help Natts as he helped them. Nozomi noticed, that weather is pretty bad, so she decided to bring him umbrella. They went out but on the way met Anacondy, who had wounded Natts. She threw the mascot back and everyone transformed. Anacondy fused hoshina with a lighting, creating lighting dragon hoshina. The Cures were fighting hoshina while Anacondy was fighting Milky Rose. The Cures tried using their attacks but it didn't worked. Rose also used her attack, but Anacondy stopped it. Hoshina caught the Cures in it's lighting body. Milky Rose was fighting Anacondy with all she has, but she was really injured. Despite that she tried to protect Natts and Coco. Natts, seeing injured Rose, started talking how he wants to see everyone's smiles. He summoned the Crown and gave Milky Rose new attack - Metal Blizzard. It defeated hoshina and the crown was twisted again. They were glad Natts is happy again. Later Kurumi gave Syrup a lot of letters to Palmier kingdom. Syrup was angry, saying they can contact the Kingdom with Milky Note. Kurumi said, that her letters are part of kingdom's hostory. Syrup was depressed, that he'll have to deliver the letters again and the Cures realized why was he so happy before when they got the Milky Note working. They started teasing Syrup, deciding to write a lot of letters to Palmier kingdom. 






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