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|animator = Shuichi Ijima
|animator = Shuichi Ijima
|artist = Makoto Suwada}}
|artist = Makoto Suwada}}
{{Nihongo|'''Chiisana Chiisana Daibouken!'''|小さな小さな大冒険!|"Small Small Big Adventure!"}} is the 32nd episode of the season [[Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!]], and also the 226th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.
{{Nihongo|'''Small Small Big Adventure!'''|小さな小さな大冒険!|Chiisana Chiisana Daibouken!}} is the 32nd episode of the season [[Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!]], and also the 226th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.

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Small Small Big Adventure! (小さな小さな大冒険! Chiisana Chiisana Daibouken!?) is the 32nd episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 226th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The episode starts with Mucardia at Eternal creating a box similar to Rose Pact, much to Bunbee's surprise. Mucardia says he created this fake copy to find out who is carrying the Rose Pact and shrunk the Cures' power. Meanwhile, the mascots were talking with Papaya and Kurumi decided to join the girls at cleaning Natts House, when Mucardia's alter ego enters asking for directions. The girls remember him when he visited Karen's villa. He tells them he is a magician and he presents a box which looks very similar to the Rose Pact. The girls are surprised. He says he needs to use the bathroom and the girls wonder about the it. Although everyone is reluctant, Nozomi carelessly opens the box. They shrink, unknown to them Mucardia was watching all of this. He comes back only to find the 6 girls gone and the box open. Koji and Natsu-san appear and see the 'Rose Pact'. Mucardia tells them he is a magician. He leaves Natts House. Syrup appears to the Rose pact only to discover it is a fake. The girls try to notify Coco, Natts and Syrup but they cannot hear them. They try and chase Syrup but he transforms to his bird form and sends a gust of wing knocking the girls into a grassy field. Then Mucardia left and the boys realized he left his "Rose Pact". The girls are chased by various hazards including a dog, a cat and a duck. Mucardia changed one Hoshiina ball into many small ones. Then Nozomi saw a candy and started arguing with Kurumi. Then they decide to head to Natts House. When the girls reach it they see a heard of Hoshina possessed ants. They transform but even  their transformation cannot reverse the changes. They fight but the ants hold them still and soon take Lemonade and others away. Dream soon finds a dropped candy from before and uses it to lure the ants. They let go of the girls and chace Dream wanting to eat the candy. She falls and the ants catch her. then Milky Rose and the rest come to her help. The girls use their moves to knock them out and Dream quickly jumps to join the girls. Then the ants merge into one big ant and is defeated by Milky Rose's Blizzard. However they are still small. Rose even turns back to Milk. Then Syrup returns and opens the magician's box, reverting the girls back.

Major Events

  • The Pretty Cure 5 and Kurumi are shrunk.






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