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Hustling Urara and The Curry Shop (ハッスルうららとカレー屋さん Hassuru Urara to Karē Yasan?) is the 33rd episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 227th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Urara tries to help her friend's family with their Curry Shop, but feeling lonely without her the others decide to tag along and assist in secrecy.


School has come to an end for another day while Urara speaks with a friend, Yoshimi. She happens to notice that she seems bothered and finds out that the shop her family owns has plummeting sales with all of the new apartments being built right in front of it. If this continues they may need to close down. Just then Urara gets an idea, and tells her to try to advertise to different shop owners. Yoshimi claims this doesn't really work, and it seems no matter what they try they get the same results.

At Natts House, Rin is making tea when she notes that Urara isn't there. Syrup takes off, claiming he has some deliveries to attend to, and over the course of time everyone in the group comes up with bogus excuses to take off. Each of which has to do with curry.

By the time Syrup tracks Urara and Yoshimi down, he sees they haven't distributed a single flyer yet. It's suggested they act more energetic and happy about the cause they are advertising for in order to grab more attention. They attempt to do this and head off to the Curry Shop, where Bunbee appears.

Before he can attack Urara, everyone else appears. He takes one of the flyers and transforms it into a Hoshina. They try to fight it while he directly targets Cure Lemonade, scolding her for trying to be so helpful and suggesting she not bother trying since Yoshimi should have done everything herself.

Suddenly the Hoshina separates into five forms of itself and each take on a single Cure to fight. But with the use of Rainbow Rose Explosion they get rid of it.

Urara apologizes to Yoshimi's father for not getting any business, but he comments that he got at least some customers with their help. Soon some passing people see the girls enjoying the curry and become hungry- and in no time the shop manages to pull in a big crowd as Urara smiles for Yoshimi.

Major Events

  • Urara's friend, Morita Yoshimi, is introduced for the first time.
    • Yoshimi's family curry shop is saved from bankruptcy.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

  • Morita Yoshimi


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