Bunbee's Shocking Proposal! (ブンビー衝撃発言! Bunbii Shougeki Hatsugen!?) is the 35th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 229th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The episode starts with Nozomi studying for her dream of being a teacher. She finds a word "Harmonious" (Wakiaiai) and wants to ask Rin what does it mean, but Rin and others weren't here. Nozomi was the only here from the Five. Coco comes explaining Nozomi the word. Then Kurumi comes offering everyone some tea. The mascots thanked her for searching Palmins on her free time, but Nozomi is still sad that the girls are not here. Meanwhile, at Eternal, Bunbee brought tea to Anacondy while she was flirting with Mucardia. He finally got her attention, but Mucardia changed his tea into 2 cups of different kind of tea. Anacondy was impressed. Bunbee asked about his report, but Anacondy rudely answered she didn't read it yet, and started ignoring again. Bunbee noticed his report at the trash can. He was shocked. Later Nozomi was sitting at the bench studying alone, while Bunbee was ranting about how he fell down at his job. He wondered if he should quit and sit down at the other side of the same bench as Nozomi. Nozomi wondered about the word "premature", and Bunbee said it is too early. He might quit his job after finding another. He should start searching for it. Nozomi, hearing the word "search" started thinking about the others naming them aloud. Bunbee realized something, slowly turned around and shouted, noticing it's Nozomi. However before Nozomi noticed him, he hid behind a tree. He wanted to attack them, but realized he always fails at stuff like that. Then he thought of a plan. Meanwhile, Rin was catching a Palmin and met Urara. The 2 followed and caught a Palmin, but it wasn't monarch. The 2 of them talked and realized, that both have problems with their dreams and because of that they should visit Natts House. Bunbee was here watching them. Meanwhile, Komachi and Karen met at the library. they talked and decided to visit Natts House too. Meanwhile Kurumi and Syrup were shopping and arguing with Kurumi being tsundere caring for others. Bunbee was there too. When Nozomi returned to Natts House, Bunbee was waiting for her. He had a thing to say for her, but everyone came and were not listening to his request of don't calling him Eternal. He told everyone the news - he wants to be Pretty Cure's leader, because they have trouble and Leader is to solve them. However nobody understood what is he saying. He told them to hive him as the new leader Rose Pact, but the girls refused. He summoned Hoshiina from the work journal and the girls transformed. Hoshiina was strong and trapped the Cures. Bunbee said this is his power as leader, however the Cures said they don't need leader and that they all together decided to go to Cure Rose Garden, not because someone is forcing them. They got free and Rose used her Metal Blizzard, defeating Hoshiina. The Cures used Rainbow Rose Explosion, but Bunbee got away. After that the girls got at Natts House together. Komachi said she'll give some acting advice to Urara. Nozomi said she learned a lot of words and will teach Karen later. Everyone were surprised, but Karen agreed. Then Kurumi brought everyone to eat - lots of cream puffs, mamedaifuku and even pancakes. Nozomi started eating and Kurumi scolded her a bit. Others started eating too and Kurumi said it can't be helped. With everyone together Nozomi asked Coco if this is what "Harmonious" means and coco confirmed, much to others' surprise.






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