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|animator = Shuichi Ijima
|animator = Shuichi Ijima
|artist = Makoto Suwada}}
|artist = Makoto Suwada}}
{{Nihongo|'''Dangerous! Five de Chance! (First Part)'''|危ない!ファイブDEチャンス!(前編)|"Abundai! Faibu de Chansu! (Zenpen)"}} is the 36th episode of the season [[Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!]], and also the 230th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.
{{Nihongo|'''Dangerous! Five de Chance! (First Part)'''|危ない!ファイブDEチャンス!(前編)|"Abunai! Faibu de Chansu! (Zenpen)"}} is the 36th episode of the season [[Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!]], and also the 230th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.

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Dangerous! Five de Chance! (First Part) (危ない!ファイブDEチャンス!(前編) "Abunai! Faibu de Chansu! (Zenpen)"?) is the 36th episode of the season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, and also the 230th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The episode starts with the girls trying to do a coin toss, but are unlucky. Then Karen comes and the girls explain her, that they entered a quiz game show called Five de Chance. The last quiz is coin toss and they want the one with most luck to throw the coin. Karen refused and the girls started begging her, since they can't be a team of five without her. Then Karen suggested Kurumi. Coco told her and she refused, but when Syrup mentioned the prize is one year supply of chocolate, she agreed. When the show was starting, everyone except Karen came. Kurumi remembered, how she hears Natts saying the prize will also be the Five's name on the trophy. Karen was trying her luck on a coin toss but kept failing. Then Jiiya came and picked her up. He kne about the Five de Chance. Suddenly phone ringed. It was Komachi. Apparently Kurumi got so worried she turned back to Milk and can't change back. Without Kurumi the girls get Karen on their team. Then Mucardia in disguise came warning the girls that filming starts. they went inside when Coco and others noticed real host leading the other participants inside. They realized what was happening but it was too late. The girls entered a studio and got tied to their seats. Then a bunch of Hoshiina cheerleaders came and the host - Mucadia in disguise - Mr Magic came. The rules were that if at least one of the members win their match, they'll be free to go. But if they all fail, they will be stuck here for eternity. First one was Rin. She had to play soccer hero and score 100 points with 5 tries.She tried but the goal moved. Rin started to get annoyed. She tried again and the goal still dodged. Rin almost went crazy.Then she shot 2 balls and both got dodged. She started going crazy but she managed to focus and kick the final shot. Everything was good until the goal stopped the ball with it's hand. Rin lost. Then she got really mad and transformed to Cure Rouge. She used her Fire Strike, but the goal took out a bat and threw her Fire back. Then the goal used a net and got Rouge thrown into the box. Next was Komachi. For her it was common knowledge quiz. She got in some traditional Japanese building. Mr Magic gave her a question - Spring, Summer Autumn - what is the remaining season. Komachi knew this but the button she had to tap was also Hoshiina, so it started running away from her until her time was up. Then he gave her another question - what is the capital of Japan. Komachi knew and tried catching Hoshina, but failed. Then he gave her last question - to finish a thesis. Button Hoshiina fell and Komachi almost tapped it, but it shared in half. Komachi's time was over. She got surrounded by lots of button Hoshiinas. She transformed to Cure Mint but still got swallowed by all the Hoshiinas. She got put into similar box like Rin. Then Nozomi volunteered. Her game was called Shadow de pon - you have to guess whose shadow is that. FIrst shadow Nozomi guessed was a giraffe, but it was Hoshiina-kun dressed as giraffe. Nozomi got tricked. The next Nozomi's guess was a kettle, but that was just Hoshiina-kun dressed as kettle. Now was her last chance. The third shadow Nozomi guessed was Hoshiina-kun dressed as penguin, but it was real penguin and Nozomi lost. Then her cute background changed to dark one and giraffe Hoshiina with a kettle came out. Nozomi transformed to Cure Dream. Giraffe Hoshiina tried attacking her by spilling hot water from kettle. Dream escaped and tried to save the penguin but it appeared to be Hoshiina. Nozomi was right but she got captured. 2 more girls left.





Secondary Characters


  • Is the only episode that show more than two different Hoshinas.


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