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Yakushiji Reira (薬師寺 れいら?) is a minor character from HUGtto! Pretty Cure. Reira is Saaya's mother and a very famous actress.


Reira is an elegant adult woman with fair skin and blue eyes. Her dark blue wavy hair is worn loose. She normally wears a white tank-top with a pale beige jacket over her shoulders, a long light blue skirt, and cream heels.


At first sight, Reira appears to be a rather calm woman, who has great acting skills. She is determined to do her best for each role, even if that means doing things she'd never do otherwise, like eating raw leek onions on camera HuPC26  and practice cooking during breaks in order to understand the chef role she obtained. She is also very good with children and was shown to balance both the role of a mother and actress very well. What a lot of people aren't aware of though is that she's actually pretty clumsy.



  • Yakushiji Saaya - Saaya is Reira's daughter. She was unaware of her dreams to pursue medicine and was very distraught after discovering she didn't want to be an actress like she was as a child. But she came to accept her feelings and is supportive of her.



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