Yamabuki Inori (山吹 祈里 Yamabuki Inori?), also called "Buki" (ブッキー?) by her friends, is one of the four main Cures in Fresh Pretty Cure!. She's a 14-year-old schoolgirl at Christian Private White Clover Academy.

Her alter ego is Cure Pine (キュアパイン Kyua Paīn?), the Pretty Cure of Faith. Her catchphrase is "I have faith in myself!" (わたし、信じてる! Watashi, shinjiteru!?).



Inori is the shortest of the group. She has golden-orange eyes and neck-length ginger colored hair partially pulled into a side tail held by a ribbon. Her casual attire is a pale yellow long-sleeved shirt worn beneath a light orange and hunter green camisole, along with a light blue skirt, navy knee-socks, and brown slip-on shoes. In the summer, she wears a white blouse with an orange ribbon on top beneath a cream-colored, sleeveless top, knee-length, pastel yellow leggings and white flats. Her side tail is held by a hair tie with two hunter green balls. In the movie, she wears a light yellow sweater over a cream-colored shirt along with a orange vest and shawl, white skirt, and brown cowboy boots with pale yellow socks.

For dance practice she wears a yellow and white sweat jacket with an upturned collar and a white shirt underneath. She also wears a yellow and orange skirt with black biker shorts underneath along with orange and white sneakers with white leg warmers.

As Cure Pine, her hair grows slightly and thickens, turning golden-orange to match her eyes, with her side-tail held by an orange ribbon with a yellow heart. Her outfit is composed of a yellow dress with a pale yellow top with winglike sleeves and orange cross-stitching in the front. Her skirt has two yellow and white layers. On the left side of her chest is a colorful four-leaf clover while her Linkrun is on her left hip. Her boots are orange and gold with burgundy socks underneath. Her accessories include orange upside-down heart-shaped earrings, a matching choker, and puffy yellow wristbands.

As Cure Angel, her outfit lightens in color while her bow, wristbands, boot flaps, and the back of her skirt lengthen. She also gains fluffy light yellow wings and her clover badge has a fifth white leaf.


Inori is calm and gentle, with a quiet personality that stands out from the passionate Love and social Miki. While smart and the type to make sense of things going on, she is also the type to just go with the flow in times of doubt or concern. However, she is also quick-witted and nimble when focused. She is shy and very protective of those she cares for, and is also kind and would rather avoid disputes at all costs. She loves animals.

Deep down, Inori suffers from low self-esteem. While aware of her desire to improve, she is also reserved to the point of feeling embarrassed or worried over how she may look in front of others. But she appears to have grown more confident as the season goes on.


Yamabuki Tadashi - Inori's father, the local veterinarian, owns a personal clinic in Yotsuba Town. He is bold and very generous. He is patient and loves animals, which is shown to affect and inspire Inori a lot.

Tarte - Inori used to have a fear of ferrets, but when Soular's slot machine Nakewameke runs loose, Inori and Tarte swap bodies. The two get an experience of what it is like to be the opposite species. After the Nakewameke is defeated, the two are back in their proper bodies, and Inori's fears are eased. FPC10

Kirun - Kirun is Inori's personal Pickrun. She allows Inori to speak to and understand the language of animals, use her upgraded attack and later on in the series, she gives Cure Pine the power to transform into Cure Angel.

Mikoshiba Kento - Kento is Daisuke's friend from Love's school. It is believed that he has a crush on Inori seeing how he blushes after asking her to come to a boat party, but Inori is unaware and probably only thinks of him as a friend.


Yamabuki (山吹?): Yama (?) translates to mountain and buki (?) translates to blow; breathe; puff, referring to blowing into her Pine Flute to use her attack. The "ki" in "buki" can also mean yellow, obviously referring to her theme color. The word yamabuki also refers to a kind of yellow flower known as Japanese Kerria (Kerria japonica).

Inori (祈里?): Ino (?) translates to pray; wish or to have faith referring to her role as the Cure of the symbol of faith, and to her attack Healing Prayer.

Buki (ブッキー?) is a shorten form of her last name, Yamabuki.

Cure Pine refers to the pineapple fruit.


Becoming Cure Pine and joining the dance group

When Inori runs into Love on the way, Love asks her if she would like to form a dance group with her and Miki, but Inori backs down first. Later at the location where the dance lesson is, she sees Love and Miki dancing and it turns out that she wants to dance in reality.FPC02

A few days after school, she goes to Kaoru-chan's Doughnuts Café and asks him for advice. After Kaoru-chan cheered her up, Takeshi arrives with Lucky to pick her up. When they play at the river, Eas appears and turns Lucky to a Nakewameke. When Inori try to cry out for help, there was no one to help so she decides to do something by herself. When Inori returns to the location, she sees Peach and Berry fighting Lucky, and begs them to stop. Inori tries to reach Lucky, but she doesn't listen at first, but Inori did it with some coaxing until Lucky got pushed by Eas. This gets Inori into danger, but then Kirun flies to her cellphone, turning it to a Linkrun, and Inori obtains the ability to transform into Cure Pine. Then Pine fights Nakewameke Lucky with Peach and Berry and purifies her with the attack Healing Prayer. Later at Love's home, Inori tells Love and Miki she wants to join the dance group and the both welcome her.FPC03

Overcoming her ferret phobia

When Soular changes a gambling machine into a Nakewameke, Inori ends up having her body switched with Tarte. Love and Miki are unaware of them being swapped until they notice their change of behavior. Her father even laughs after knowing that she has become the animal she feared the most, briefly treating her plight as a joke. When Peach and Berry struggle to fight the gambling machine Nakewameke, Inori and Tarte decide to connect their emotions so that Tarte can become Pine for the time being, which they succeed. After switching back with Tarte when the battle ends, Inori has finally overcome her fear for ferrets and become closer friends with Tarte.

Obtaining a new power

Due in a small part to Tarte's video game playing all night, Chiffon falls ill. Inori decides to nurse her back to health, but runs into the complication of Chiffon's baby talk. When the remaining two girls are being attacked, Inori decides to save them. Chiffon summons the Kirun, and Cure Pine activates it's power during the fight, receiving the Pine Flute. She uses Healing Prayer Fresh to purify Soular's game system Nakewameke.

Cure Passion

After Love finds out that Setsuna is Eas, Miki and Inori go to visit Love. Inori tries to talk Miki out of speaking harshly to Love getting her to fight Setsuna, but they have to find her once Love runs out of her room. She is present for Cure Peach's fight with Eas, and Setsuna's rebirth as Cure Passion.

Days later, a tower Nakewameke attacks the city, getting Inori's attention. She transforms to Cure Pine and meets Berry along the way, both help Peach deflect a missile heading for Cure Passion. The three welcome Cure Passion to the team after Westar retreats.

Coming closer to Setsuna

After practicing for a dance that involves four members of a team by a resort, Inori asks her two friends to go on ahead to a barbecue dinner Miyuki had offered. She finds Setsuna in her room and tells her of how she was initially too shy to dance. She convinces Setsuna to join Clover, and helps her through basic dance routines to show how much fun dancing is. Cure Pine and Cure Passion later work together to defeat an inner tube Nakewameke summoned by Westar.

Cure Pine

Cure Pine

"The yellow heart is the emblem of faith! Freshly-harvested, Cure Pine!"
イエローハートは祈りの印! とれたてフレッシュ、キュアパイン!
Ierō hāto wa inori no shirushi! Toretate Furesshu, Kyua Pain!

Cure Pine (キュアパイン Kyua Paīn?) is Inori's Pretty Cure alter ego. She represents faith and is represented by the diamond symbol. Her Pickrun, the Kirun, is yellow and has horns on its head.

Cure Angel

Cure Angel Pine

"The white heart is the heart of everyone! Freshly-flapping, Cure Angel!"
Howaito hāto wa minna no kokoro! Habatake Furesshu, Kyua Enjeru!

Cure Angel (キュアエンジエル Kyua Enjeru Pain?) is a second Cure form Pretty Cure gains in the series thanks to the people of Labyrinth.

In this Cure form, Cure Angel is capable of flying at fast speed and has a powered up strength. Together with everyone else, she can use the attacks Loving True Heart and Loving True Heart Fresh.

Cure Rainbow Pine

Cure Rainbow Pine

Cure Rainbow Pine (キュアレインボーパイン Kyua Reinbō Paīn?) is an upgrade Cure Pine gains in Pretty Cure All Stars DX 2. Together with the others Cures' upgrades, the group of seventeen girls form the group Cure Rainbow. This upgraded outfit resembles that of Cure Angel in the season's finale, except with a pair of small, golden wings instead of white ones.


First, Inori opens her Linkrun, touches the button on the bottom, while a bunch of yellow, orange, blue and pink colored hearts fly from her finger. She shouts, "Change, Pretty Cure!" and her hair ornament disappears. She puts her right foot down and then shouts, "Beat up!", spins around, falling through the air. Her clover brooch appears on her left chest, her hair colors turns to a golden color, followed by her dress appearing. Her boots, socks and wristbands and earrings then start to appear one by one. Her Linkrun then appears on her right side, and after that, both her earrings, followed by her heart-shaped bow. Then, Cure Pine lands on the ground, saying her introduction speech.

To transform into Cure Angel, she shouts, "Change, Pretty Cure! Beat up!" with the rest of the Cures and her normal Cure Pine outfit disappears. She starts to spin slowly while a yellow light creates her dress. She then recites her introduction speech along with the other Angel Cures.



Inori's voice actor, Nakagawa Akiko, has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Kanae Ori, who voices Momozono Love, Kitamura Eri, who voices Aono Miki, and later Komatsu Yuka, who voices Higashi Setsuna.





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