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Yamabuki Naoko
山吹 尚子 Yamabuki Naoko
SeasonFresh Pretty Cure!
Eye ColorLight Navy
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceClover Town
RelativesYamabuki Tadashi (husband), Yamabuki Inori (daughter)
First AppearanceFPC01
Japanese Voice ActorNeya Michiko

Yamabuki Naoko (山吹 尚子 Yamabuki Naoko?) is Inori's mother and the assistant in her husband's clinic.


Naoko has fair skin and shares her daughter's big, golden-brown eyes. Her thick wavy hair is brown and chest length, with her bangs and forelocks combined and tented, worn over her shoulders. When working she pulls the remainder of hair into a low ponytail. 

Her casual attire alters between her doctors uniform, and a yellow sweater worn with a long white skirt.


She seems to be a nice woman who cares about her daughter very much, especially when she reveals she's a Pretty Cure.




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