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Yanyan (ヤンヤン?) is an alien creature who snuck onto the girls' rocket in episode 26 of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure. She ends her sentences with "~yan" (~ヤン?).


Yanyan is a hermit crab-like alien who has an orange body and bluish green eyes. She wears a beanie which is orange, yellow, and green, with orange tufts of hair sticking out. The tips of her feet are green. She carries a yellow sand bucket on her back.


She is able to change her moods very quickly, from being happy one second to secondly crying in the next. She is kind and helpful to others, and is grateful to anyone who helps her.


Yanyan sneaks onboard a rocket into space but she is discovered by the ship's crew and is dropped on the small cloud-like planet until she manages to climb aboard the rocket as a hitchhiker, which lands there because of Fuwa being too exhausted to perform a warp.

After meeting and introducing herself to the girls, Yanyan brings them to Planet Pururun by using pearls that can temporarily transform them into mermaids. Knowing that their rocket requires some repairs, she takes them to Flare who is a professional smith.

When Kappard attacks Pururun, Yanyan almost gets harmed until Prunce immediately rescues her. Before the girls leave, she gives Prunce a grateful kiss, causing him to overjoyedly melt into a puddle, much to her confusion.

Fifteen years later, Yanyan now looks after the reborn Fuwa, alongside Prunce and his parents.


  • Prunce - Her friend. She meets him after stumbling onto the rocket and befriends him promptly. She is grateful for him rescuing her and kisses him on the cheek before he leaves, though she is confused by his exaggerated joy afterwards.


  • Yanyan speaks in a Kansai dialect. 
  • At first, Hikaru thought her name was "Yanyanyan" because of the way she ended her sentence. 


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