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The dark orbs used to create the Yaraneeda

The Yaraneedas (ヤラネーダ?) are the main monsters from Tropical-Rouge! Pretty Cure that first appear in episode 1. They can be summoned by the Witch of Delays's servants by throwing a dark purple ball at the object they want to possess.

The Yaraneedas are voiced by Mikajiri Nozomi.

In episode 10, a more powerful variant of Yaraneeda, called Zenzen Yaraneeda (ゼンゼンヤラネーダ?), is created.


A Yaraneeda has the body of what they possessed with fish-like gills on the sides of their face, with their facial expression making them look unmotivated. When it takes a target's Motivation Power, its eyes glow red and it smiles creepily.


Each Yaraneeda's abilities and powers depends on their possessed object, but they all have the ability to take anyone's motivation, leaving the target not wanting to do anything, and powering itself up. However, it appears to not have any effect on the Pretty Cure.

List of Yaraneeda

Episode Image Possessing Abilities Summoned by Defeated with
Episode 1
TRPC01 Yaraneeda.jpg
Palm Tree Fires coconuts. Chongire Otento Summer Strike
Episode 2
TRPC02 Yaraneeda.jpg
Beach Umbrella Throws chairs. Chongire Otento Summer Strike
Episode 3
TRPC03 Yaraneeda.jpg
Trashcans Fires cans and trash bags from its compartments. Chongire Mokomoko Coral Diffusion
Episode 4
TRPC04 Yaraneeda.jpg
Dogū Sharpens its arms and spins around/jumps. Numeri Panpaka Papaya Shot
Episode 5
TRPC05 Yaraneeda.jpg
Totem Pole Each part can fire lazors from their eyes and it can split into four different sections to spin around really fast. Numeri Buttobi Flamingo Smash
Episode 6
TRPC06 Yaraneeda.jpg
Penguin Statue Shoots circles of light. N/A Otento Summer Strike
Episode 7
TRPC07 Yaraneeda.jpg
Seashell Spins around really fast and fires spikes. Elda Panpaka Papaya Shot
Episode 8
TRPC08 Yaraneeda.jpg
Shaved Ice Machine Shoots snow and can freeze its surroundings. Chongire Buttobi Flamingo Smash
Episode 9
TRPC09 Yaraneeda.jpg
Film Light Can shoot multiple beams of light. Numeri Mokomoko Coral Diffusion

List of Zenzen Yaraneeda

The green orb which creates the Zenzen Yaraneeda

The Zenzen Yaraneeda are summoned using a more powerful dark green orb, which was created by the Witch of Delays after the Cures started getting stronger.

These Zenzen Yaraneeda resemble their regular counterparts, but have one or two tail fins on the top or the sides of their heads. They also have a similar facial expression, but the eyelashes are at the bottom and their mouths are more jagged. They are shown to be substantially stronger than regular Yaraneeda too, even resisting Summer's Otento Summer Strike.

Episode Image Possessing Abilities Summoned by Defeated with
Episode 10
TRPC10 Zenzen Yaraneeda.jpg
English Test Book Can summon wind to knock the enemy off their feet. Chongire Mix Tropical
Episode 11
TRPC11 Zenzen Yaraneeda.jpg
Concrete tetrapod Ejects the tetrapods on its side and spins really fast. Numeri Mix Tropical
Episode 12
TRPC12 Zenzen Yaraneeda.jpg
Playground Slide Uses its arms to attack its enemy. Elda Mix Tropical
Episode 13
TRPC13 Zenzen Yaraneeda.jpg
Megaphone Can produce sound waves. Chongire Mix Tropical
Episode 14
TRPC14 Zenzen Yaraneeda.jpg
Building Blocks Throws blocks at the enemy, and can rebuild itself. Elda Mix Tropical
Episode 15
TRPC15 Zenzen Yaraneeda.jpg
Croissant Can shoot mini black croissants, as well as uncurl its body to attack, and then trap its enemy. Chongire Mix Tropical
Episode 16
TRPC16 Zenzen Yaraneeda.jpg
Ship Uses its anchors to attack the enemy. It can also hold things in its body to distract and/or capture the enemy. Chongire (offscreen)


Yaraneeda comes from the word yaranai (やらない?), which means "I don't want to do this". Zenzen (全然?) means "(not) at all". So when together as Zenzen Yaraneeda, it can be translated as "I don't want to do this at all."


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