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This is a list of episodes for Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 "Fukkatsu! Purikyua 5!"
"Revival! Pretty Cure 5!"
Scorp February 3, 2008

Yumehara Nozomi writes a letter to Coco, but has no way of delivering it to him in the Palmier Kingdom. While lamenting about her problem, Syrup the delivery boy approaches her, claiming that he can deliver to anywhere. He gives her and the other members of Pretty Cure a letter, which contains a message from a woman named Flora that requests their assistance. It also contains a very special item--the Rose Pact. When Scorp attacks in an attempt to take the Rose Pact, it grants the girls with new powers to fight against him. Pretty Cure 5 has been revived!

02 "Nozomi to Koko Nayameru Saikai"
のぞみとココ 悩める再会
"Nozomi and Coco's Troubling Reunion"
Scorp February 10, 2008

Coco and Nuts are back, and so are Pretty Cure 5! However, Coco constantly gives Nozomi the cold shoulder and seems to have a lot on his mind. They find their first Palmin in this episode.

03 "Hakobiya Shiroppu no Tomodachi"
"Delivery Boy Syrup's Friend"
Bunbee February 17, 2008

Milk sends letters to Coco about Palmier Kingdom through Syrup. She sends a lot of letters. So many, in fact, that Syrup is reaching the point where he'll refuse to take any more. Noticing this, Syrup's little mailbox-shaped friend Mailpo lost and steps in to help.

04 "Urara no Daihon wo Todokero!"
"Deliver Urara's Script!"
Scorp February 24, 2008

Urara forgets her script at Natts House, but Syrup refuses to deliver it. Nozomi, Rin, Komachi and Karen attempt to deliver it themselves, but Eternal interferes...

05 "Seitokaichou Karen e no Tegami"
"A Letter To Student Council President Karen"
Bunbee March 2, 2008

Karen puts up a suggestion box for the students. Through the suggestion box, she receives one particularly puzzling letter...

06 "Dōnatsu Kokuō Mesameru!"
"King Doughnut Awakens!"
Scorp March 9, 2008

Days are peaceful as the group prepares to open the new Natts House, even if Rin does seem a little tired. Then King Donuts awakens...

07 "Rettsu Gooo! Parumie Ōkoku!"
"Let's Go! The Palmier Kingdom!"
Nebatakos March 16, 2008

Milk contacts Nozomi with a call for help (Truthfully, she lied to them because she was lonely). Nozomi and the others head to Palmier Kingdom...and Eternal appears before them. After everyone leaves, Milk finds a strange glowing blue seed.

08 "Shiroppu to Nazo no Tegami"
"Syrup and The Mysterious Letter"
Scorp March 23, 2008

Syrup and the Pretty Cures receive a letter written in pictures. They attempt to decipher it. We also learn that Syrup once worked for Eternal.

09 "Meitantei Komachi Tōjō!"
"Great Detective Komachi's Entrance!"
Bunbee March 30, 2008

The cake that Karen brought mysteriously disappeared, which leads to the Cures accusing each other of eating it.

10 "Deta! Aoi Bara no Chikara!"
"It Has Appeared! The Power of The Blue Rose!"
Bunbee and Scorp April 6, 2008

Flora appears and tells them that the power of evil is growing. She then tells them to combine the power of the Red rose and the Blue rose. Bunbee and Scorp appear and hold Coco, Natts, and Syrup hostage. Milky Rose debuts in this episode.

11 "Karei ni Henshin! Mirukī Rōzu!"
"Magnificent Transformation! Milky Rose!"
Scorp April 13, 2008

Scorp's last episode. The Pretty Cure debate about whether Milky Rose is an ally or enemy.

12 "Mimino Kurumi ga Yatte Kita!"
"Mimino Kurumi Has Arrived!"
Nebatakos April 20, 2008

Kurumi Mimino transfers to Cinq Lumieres. Nozomi and Rin recognize that she is Milky Rose. Coco asks Nozomi and Rin to introduce the school to Kurumi. They are shocked at Kurumi's knowledge and her character. Nozomi want to introduce the Pretty Cures to Kurumi, but she said she already knew them. In Eternal, Anacordy employs Nebatakos to substitute for Scorp.

13 "Akumu no Meruhen Wārudo!"
"A Nightmarish Fairytale World!"
Shibiretta April 27, 2008

Syrup dreams of the Cure Rose Garden frequently, so he wants to go there. However, Syrup is worried that he can't go to it. Nozomi and Coco bring snacks to him in order to cheer him up. Later Syrup, Coco and Nozomi are sucked into a black hole and go into the tale of Pinocchio.

14 "Mirukī Rōzu no Himitsu!"
"Milky Rose's Secret!"
Bunbee May 4, 2008
Everyone is suspicious about Kurumi and her character change. What's also surprising is that Milk has not been sending letters to the group. They eyeball Kurumi to find out who she is.
15 "Rinchan to Mame no Ki"
"Rin and The Bean Stalk"
Shibiretta May 11, 2008

For not listening, Nozomi gets a scorning from Rin, but she does not take the warning seriously, just like every other warning. They later go into the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale to catch a Palmin, only to fall into a trap. Queen Bavarois appears in this episode.

16 "Karen to Komachi no Okashi no Ie"
"Karen and Komachi's Sweets House"
Shibiretta May 18, 2008

Nozomi, Karen and Komachi are sucked into Shibiretta's world. Nozomi is lost, and Karen and Komachi discovers a snack house. While finding Nozomi, they learn they are in the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.

17 "Tamukensan no Takaramono"
"Tamuken's Treasured Item"
Bunbee May 25, 2008

Nozomi sees Mr. Tamuken, a comedian, distributing flyers written "I am finding an important partner," and she helps out.

18 "Minna ni Todoke! Urara no Utagoe"
"Send It To Everyone! Urara's Singing Voice"
Nebatakos June 1, 2008

One day after a flight, Syrup finds Urara crying on a bench. The next day she acts as if nothing happened, and when he tells the rest of the Cures about it, they seem to not care. Urara's song Twintail Magic debuts in this episode.

19 "Urashima Karen to Kame Miruku!?"
"Fisherman Karen and Turtle Milk!?"
Shibiretta June 8, 2008

Karen is having trouble writing a letter to her parents, and Milk tries to help. However, the two of them are sucked into the world of Urashima Taro.

20 "Komachi to Madoka Futari no Yume"
こまちとまどか 二人の夢
"Komachi and Madoka's Dreams"
Nebatakos June 22, 2008

Natts reads Komachi's novel rough draft. Madoka comes to visit, and then leaves her bag at Natts House. Everyone goes to the university to give Madoka her bag. However, Komachi worries about what Madoka's dream is.

21 "Yūjōtappuri Minna de Obentō!"
"Full of Friendship, Making Lunch Together!"
Nebatakos June 29, 2008

Nozomi's mother is no longer making lunch for her, so everyone goes over to her house after school to teach her how to cook.

22 "Nozomi Sensei Ōi ni Ganbaru!"
"Teacher Nozomi Does Her Very Best!"
Bunbee July 6, 2008

Rin's younger sister and brother constantly fool around and never study, so Nozomi wants to be their teacher and help them learn. Then Syrup gets mad at Coco and claims that he never helps with anything.

23 "Shiroppu ga Uragitta!?"
"Syrup Has Betrayed Us!?"
Nebatakos July 13, 2008

The Palmier Kingdom's Crown has appeared, but no one knows why. After a while, Coco tells Natts why Syrup hates him so much. Anacondy appears before Syrup and offers his past in return for the Rose Pact. After tough deliberation, he grabs the Rose Pact and runs off to Eternal. The Cures follow Nebatakos to Eternal as well.

24 "Purikyua 5 Aratana Chikara!"
"Pretty Cure 5's New Power!"
July 20, 2008

After arriving at Eternal, the Pretty Cure and Milky Rose fight against Anacondy and Nebatakos in his true form. Meanwhile, Syrup feels that he has betrayed everyone, and comes face-to-face with the boss of Eternal. Coco finds him and tells him that everyone still believes in him. The Palmier Kingdom's Crown is placed upon Coco, and the Cures receive their Fleurets. Nebatakos' last episode.

25 "Manatsu no Akumu no Futarigumi"
"The Midsummer Nightmare Duo"
July 27, 2008

Syrup is staying at Natts House because the school cafeteria is closed during the summer, so Nozomi decides to take everyone to the mall to buy stuff for his new room. As they wander around though, Natts House is being watched by a strange duo.

26 "Purikyua ni Daitokai ni Arawaru!"
"Pretty Cure In The Big City!"
Bunbee August 3, 2008

Urara goes to the city with everyone to become a live reporter for the city's signature parade. Rin, Komachi and Karen explore the town, each meeting a new friend. However, Bunbee appears and threatens to destroy the city's beloved mascot.

27 "Rinchan VS Ōedo Yōkai!"
"Rin VS The Monsters Of Edo!"
Shibiretta August 17, 2008

The Pretty Cures head off to a summer festival, and they split up. Everyone has walked into a strange world, with faceless people and monsters of the Edo Era. As the rest of the group is scared out of their wits, Komachi comes up with a strategy to frighten the monsters themselves.

28 "Koko no Oyomesan Tōjō!?"
"Coco's Bride Has Arrived!?"
August 24, 2008

It's a hot summer day, and the Cures catch a Palmin that is really Princess Crepe. However, Princess Crepe claims to be engaged to Coco, putting Nozomi and Milk on edge. Even though Coco constantly denies it, Princess Crepe won't listen and gets irritated. Natts spies an elderly woman with her granddaughter and offers them some free refreshments, attracting more people to the store.

29 "Kōgen de Ikemen to Tenisu!?"
"Tennis With A Cool Guy On The Plateau!?"
Mucardia August 31, 2008

Nozomi and her friends head off to one of Karen's summer villas. They begin to play tennis at one of the tennis courts, but only Rin and Karen actually know how to play. Mucardia pretends to be a tennis teacher and leads Rin and Karen away from the rest of the Cures. By the end of the episode, it seems that both Rin and Karen have a crush on Mucardia.

30 "Ō no Chikara to Nattsu no Nayumi"
"The Kings' Powers and Nuts' Troubles"
Shibiretta September 7, 2008

Lately, Natts has been feeling like he's of no use to the group, so he creates the Milky Note. Nozomi and Kurumi get in trouble in class because of talking, which makes Kurumi upset. That night they celebrate Otsukimi (moon-viewing). However, the Cures are taken to the moon, and must battle Shibiretta in order to get back to earth.

31 "Mirukī Rōzu Aratanaru Chikara!"
"Milky Rose's New Power!"
Anacondy September 14, 2008

Natts is still depressed about being useless. When they use the Milky Note to communicate with the Palmier Kingdom, he keeps to himself and is constantly on edge. This worries everyone, so Coco goes to talk to him.

32 "Chīsana Chīsana Daibōken!"
"Small Small Big Adventure!"
Mucardia September 21, 2008

Mucardia pays a visit to the Natts House, and begins to perform a magic show. When he leaves the room, Nozomi opens the box that he brought, making everyone small. Fighting ants, ducks, and other animals, how will they get back?

33 "Hassuru Urara to Karē Yasan"
"Hustling Urara and The Curry Shop"
Bunbee September 28, 2008

Urara goes to help a classmate pass out flyers for her curry store, but there's no one willing to take one. Meanwhile, everyone feels lonely without Urara, so they all secretly leave to help her.

34 "Namida no Owakare! Kurēpu no Kokuhaku"
"A Tearful Farewell! Crepe's Confession"
October 5, 2008

Princess Crepe follows Coco to school without anyone noticing. She is not there when Syrup checks the Rose Pact, which makes him freak out. At school, Nozomi and the rest of the Cures seem to be doing something behind Coco's back. Meanwhile, Princess Crepe is feeling lonely since Coco seems so much happier with everyone else than her. The Pretty Cure give her a gift, but Eternal interferes. Princess Crepe then confesses to Coco, but is turned down.

35 "Bunbī Shōgeki Hatsugen!"
"Bunbee's Shocking Proposal!"
Bunbee October 12, 2008

Nozomi is feeling down since everyone else is off trying to achieve their dreams. She, however, doesn't yet know what her dream is. Bunbee is close to losing his job, so he's moping around the city. He sits on a bench and unconsciously starts a conversation with Nozomi, no one knowing who they were really talking to. Then he goes to the Cures and demands to be their leader.

36 "Abundai! Faibu de Chansu! (Zenpen)"
"Dangerous! Five de Chance! (First Part)"
Mucardia October 19, 2008

Nozomi, Rin, Urara, and Komachi are obsessing over a new quiz game show. They try to make Karen enter with them, but she refuses. Instead, they take Kurumi, who falls ill last second. Karen is then forced into joining. Mucardia is secretly hosting his own version, and everyone falls into the mayhem.

37 "Abundai! Faibu de Chansu! (Kouhen)"
"Dangerous! Five de Chance! (Last Part)"
Mucardia October 26, 2008

The chaotic game show continues, and only Karen and Urara are left. After Urara's unfair loss, it's up to Karen to win the last stage: the coin toss!

38 "Futari no Chikara! Dorīmu & Rōzu!!"
"The Power Of Two! Dream & Rose!!"
November 9, 2008

One day, Syrup is watering a rose plant. As the Cures are talking about the blue rose, he gets a flashback of watering the roses in the Cure Rose Garden. In that garden he saw Flora and a blue rose. At the same time, Flora is lying in the Cure Rose Garden and the flowers are wilting. After a talk with King Donuts, Kurumi feels that she herself has to find the Palmins and defeat Eternal. Yadokhan and Isoghin's last episode.

39 "Monburan Kokuō wo Sukue!"
"Save King Montblanc!"
Bunbee November 16, 2008

Komachi and Karen find the last monarch, King Montblanc. However, he seems weak and sick. No one can tell what's wrong with him. Since Karen is studying to be a doctor, she attempts to heal him. When King Montblanc's fever gets worse, Karen loses confidence and becomes anxious.

40 "Urara no Utagoe wo Torimodose!"
"Take Back Urara's Singing Voice!"
Shibiretta November 23, 2008

Urara is working really hard in order to get a part in a certain musical, for it was the same part her mother had gotten when she first saw her perform. But Shibiretta takes away Urara's singing voice in the tale of the Little Mermaid.

41 "Rinchan Ikemen to Dēto!?"
"Rin Has A Date With A Cool Guy!?"
Mucardia November 30, 2008

Rin is seemingly in a block; she can't come up with any new accessory designs. While watering her family's flowers, Mucardia comes by and takes her out on a "date". Along the way, Rin gives a little girl some accessories that she designs.

42 "Komachi no Ketsui to Arabian Naito"
"Komachi's Decision and The Arabian Nights"
Shibiretta December 7, 2008

Anacondy goes to Shibiretta and tells her that Boss has declared her fired. This drives Shibiretta insane with rage. She traps everyone in one of the tales in "Arabian Nights", making Komachi furious at her misuse of the story. Shibiretta's last episode.

43 "Kyōfu! Etānaru no Kanchō!"
"Terror! Eternal's Director!"
Boss December 14, 2008

Boss has a flashback of the time when he tried to claim the Cure Rose Garden, but was locked out by Flora. Back at Natts House, everyone is studying, but Nozomi is by herself in the library. After countless attempts to understand the material, she goes home. On the way home she finds a grand tree separated from the others. The cafeteria lady tells her that that tree grew with it's own effort, making Nozomi believe that she can do anything as long as she tried hard enough. But later along the road, she meets Boss of Eternal, demanding the Rose Pact.

44 "Todoke! Minna no Purezento!"
"Deliver Them! Everyone's Presents!"
Mucardia December 21, 2008

It's almost Christmas, and Mailpo sends over some early gifts, four huge bags and a very long list. However, no one knows where they came from. When they "return" the items in the bags to the names on the list, each person says that Santa Claus granted their wishes. As Urara and Syrup finish passing out presents, they see an old man in red sitting on a park bench. They discover that he is Santa Claus, and he has lost his sleigh!

45 "Kyua Rōzu Gāden no Tobira Arawaru!"
"The Door To The Cure Rose Garden Appears!"
Mucardia January 4, 2009

Syrup has a nightmare about being left behind by the group as they head off to the Cure Rose Garden. Since King Montblanc has recovered, he tells everyone to gather the other monarchs so that they can unlock the Cure Rose Garden.

46 "Zettai Zetsumei! Boshū Sareta Purikyua 5!"
"A Desperate Situation! Imprisoned Pretty Cure 5!"
Anacondy January 11, 2009

As the gates to the Cure Rose Garden open, Anacondy appears. Everyone is taken to Eternal and are one by one turned into stone.

47 "Kimochi wo Hitotsu ni! Aoi Bara no Kiseki!"
"Our Feelings As One! The Miracle Of The Blue Rose!"
Boss January 18, 2009

Having made his way into the Cure Rose Garden, Boss proceeds to destroying everything in his sight. Back at Eternal, Milky Rose and Syrup desperately search for Nozomi and the others, who have been locked up in the display room as perfect statues.

48 "Mirai e! Eien Fumetsu no Purikyua 5!"
"Towards The Future! The Eternally Indestructible Pretty Cure 5!"
Boss January 25, 2009

After being struck down by Boss, the Pretty Cure refuse to give up. With the power of the Monarchs and everyone's feelings, the Pretty Cure will stand tall and defeat Eternal once and for all!