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Yumehara Megumi (夢原 恵美 Yumehara Megumi?) is Nozomi's mother. She is a beautician and runs a beauty shop called "Espoir" (which is French for hope). She and Kazuyo are childhood friends just like Nozomi and Rin. Her husband is Yumehara Tsutomu.



Megumi has violet eyes and very short chin-length hair. She is normally found in her work attire, composed of an off-white long sleeved top beneath a mauve tank-top, denim pants, and a brown work apron with several pockets. At other times she can be found in her pajamas.


Megumi is a caring and stern mother who supports Nozomi and encourages her while pointing her out in the right direction. It's been said by Kazuyo that she is very similar to Nozomi, and she is actually clumsier than her.



Natsuki Kazuyo - Megumi's relationship with Kazuyo shows resemblance to Nozomi's relationship with Rin, with Megumi being rather clumsy and Kazuyo trying to help her.

Yumehara Tsutomu - Her husband.




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