ゆりこ Yuriko
Yuriko full Character
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Age14 (FwPC)
15 (FwPCMH)
Eye ColorGrey
Hair ColorDark Teal
Home PlaceGarden of Rainbows
Japanese Voice ActorKamada Kozue

Yuriko (ゆりこ Yuriko?) (or Lilian in the English dub) is one of Honoka's friends and fellow Chemistry Club members at Verone Academy. In episode 13, the project the club had made was changed into a Zakenna and began to attack. When the Pretty Cure were fighting, she tried to protect it while asking them to not harm the project everyone worked so hard on.


Not much information is fully known for Yuriko, but she serves a role as the leader of the Chemistry Club; she works alongside with her close friend, Yukishiro Honoka.


The episode 13 majorly focuses on Yuriko's worries of the invention that she, Honoka, and the rest of the members of the Chemistry Club created. Yuriko tried to shield the invention, when the Cures battle the Zakenna.


Often seen in her school uniform. Yuriko is a girl with light skin and neck length dark blue-black colored hair with her bangs framing her face and worn back with a small hair clip. She noticeably is one of the few characters in the series to wear a pair of glasses and has freckles.


Yuriko (ゆりこ?) is best to be described as a common female name in Japanese. Here are the different following meanings:

  • 百合子-"lily child"
  • 由里子-"reason child/hometown child"
  • 由利子-"reason/benefit child"
  • 優梨子-tenderness/pear child
  • 有里子-"possess/hometown child"



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